LVHS swimmers and divers topped all 3A competition in Gillette

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    h/t Kristen McPherson – Head Coach Shawna Morgan, along with coaches Tim Hester and Faith Hamilton, are preparing the Lady Tigers swimming and diving team to defend their 3A West Conference title this Friday and Saturday in Riverton.

    The following was shared with County 10:


    Lady Tigers Best of the 3A Teams at Gillette Invite

    By Susan Gray Gose

    Lander girls’ swimming and diving team spent the weekend in Gillette at a large Pre-Invite on Friday and an even larger Invite on Saturday. The competition was fierce with the pool teaming with 4A squads, but Lander held its own, placing 5th among the 17 teams and topping all of the 3A competition.

    “I saw so many positive things this weekend, it’s hard to know where to begin,” said head Tiger coach Shawna Morgan. “This meet is so big, exhaustingly long, and a little intimidating with all the big 4A teams, but every girl swam and dove their best.”


    This was especially true for junior Sierra Firth, who qualified for the state meet in the 200-yard and 500-yard freestyle events, as well as for freshman Katelyn Brinda who swam to her first state q-time in the 500.

    Morgan was thrilled. “I was really happy to get Sierra qualified for state and not just in one event but two. Katelyn has been so close all season, so getting over the hump was huge for her. She’s close in a couple of other events too, so hopefully we can get her there. We have four others who are super close to qualifying as well. I'm hoping that they can get there this weekend at the conference meet Friday and Saturday in Riverton.”

    Lander now has 14 athletes qualified for the 3A State Meet, which will be held Nov. 7 and 8 in Gillette. Other highlights for the Tigers included Sophomore Ashlon Koch racing to the season’s fastest 3A time in the 500-yard freestyle on Friday, when she took second in 5:35. Six other Tigers — seniors Leah Brown, Olivia Fowler, Lily Gose, and McKella Stigers; sophomore Asha Reid; and freshman Lainy Duncan — lowered at least one of their state times. Senior Li Platz also continued to perfect her 11 competitive dives in preparation for the state meet.


    The 3A West Conference meet will be held this Friday and Saturday in Riverton. Morgan, along with coach Tim Hester and Faith Hamilton, would love to see a big Tiger crowd watch their team defend the title. Powell and Lyman are expected to bring tough competition. “It would be awesome if we had a big ‘home’ crowd,” said Morgan.

    h/t Therese Fowler for the below photo – LVHS Sophomore Ashlon Koch holds three of the top 3A swimming times in Wyoming in the 100-yard backstroke, 100-yard butterfly, and 500-yard freestyle.

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    Gillette Pre-Invite, Oct. 18, 2019:

    200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Laramie ‘A’ 1:51.79 (K. McPherson, O. McPherson, T. Richardson, A. Roesler), 6. Lander ‘A’ 2:04.14 (O. Fowler, L. Gose, A. Koch, L. Brown), 8. Lander ‘B’2:06.75 (A. Reid, M. Stigers, M. McPherson, L. Hamilton), 18. Lander ‘C’ (K. Brinda, J. Bautz, L. Platz, A. Nachazel). 22. Lander ‘D’ (S. Firth, E. Fousek, L. Duncan, D. Forbis)

    200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Sage Morton LAR 1:57.54, 2. Ashlon Koch LAN 2:05.98, 11. Lily Gose LAN 2:14.23, 30. Asha Reid LAN 2:28.33, 34. Anne Baron LAN 2:35.63

    200-Yard I.M.: 1. Alexa Lauze GRV 2:23.05, 16. Anja Harms LAN 2:42.00, 26. Annabelle Nachazel 2:55.05, 30. Divya Forbis LAN 3:01.44, 34. Jessica Baron LAN 3:15.13

    50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Olivia McPherson LAR 24.54, 8. Olivia Fowler LAN 26.47, 12. Leah Brown LAN 27.49, 15. Lainy Duncan LAN 27.83, 17. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 28.01, 31. Makayla McPherson LAN 28.65, 36. McKella Stigers LAN 29.15, 52. Sierra Firth LAN 30.76, 57. Katelyn Brinda LAN 30.95, 89. Karah Ratliff LAN 35.98

    100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Anna Roesler LAR 1:03.38, 4. Olivia Fowler LAN 1:08.22, 5. Lily Gose LAN 1:08.82, 17. Li Platz LAN 1:13.48, 27. Divya Forbis LAN 1:26.61,

    100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Sydni Sanders GRV 57.69, 7. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 1:01.17, 29. McKella Stigers LAN 1:06.29, 33. Asha Reid LAN 1:07.03, 40. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:09.20, 70 Karah Ratliff LAN 1:25.30, 72. Ansley Else LAN 1:29.99

    500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Kira Brownell CEN 5:33.11, 2. Ashlon Koch LAN 5:35.60, 9. Lainy Duncan LAN 6:12.41, 11. Makayla McPherson LAN 6:27.29, 12. Sierra Firth LAN 6:32.21, 13. Anja Harms LAN 6:34.46, 15. Katelyn Brinda LAN 6:40.31, 21. Anne Baron LAN 6:51.99

    200-Yard Free Relay: 1. Campbell County ‘A’ 1:43.41, 5. Lander ‘A’1:52.74  (L. Hamilton, M. McPherson, L. Gose, A. Harms), 11. Lander ‘B’ (M. Stigers, L. Duncan, A. Reid, L. Platz), 16. Lander ‘C’ (J. Bautz, K. Brinda, S. Firth, A. Nachazel)

    100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Hannah Gross NEW 1:02.69, 6. Leah Brown LAN 1:08.79

    100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Olivia McPherson LAR 1:07.59, 19. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:23.34, 35. Emma Fousek LAN 1:34.98, 36. Jessica Baron LAN 1:35.45

    400-Yard Free Relay: 1. Laramie ‘A’ 3:45.05 (A. Roesler, H. Schroeder, S. Morton, K. McPherson), 4. Lander ‘A’ 3:56.77 (A. Harms, L. Brown, O. Fowler, A. Koch)

    Gillette Invite, Oct. 19, 2019:

    Team Scores: 1. Laramie 530, Cheyenne Central 507, Green River 335, 4. Campbell County 291, 5. Lander 234.5, 6. Sheridan 215, 7. Thunder Basin 198, 8. Rock Springs 184, 9. Kelly Walsh 153.5, 10. Cheyenne South 151, 11 Cheyenne East 134, 12. Buffalo 117, 13. Worland 102, 14. Newcastle 90, 15. Douglas 66, 16. Natrona County 59, 17. Rawlins 48

    200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Laramie ‘A’ 1:52.36 (K. McPherson, O. McPherson, T. Richardson, A. Roesler), 5. Lander ‘A’ 2:03.63 (O. Fowler, A. Koch, M. McPherson, A. Harms) ,11.  Lander ‘B’ 2:08.79 (L. Brown, M. Stigers, L. Gose, L. Hamilton), 18. Lander ‘C’ 2:13.55 (A. Reid, J. Bautz, L. PLatz, L. Duncan), 25. Lander ‘D’ 2:26.94 (K. Brinda, S. Firth, A. Baron, A. Nachazel)

    200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Sage Morton LAR 1:58.06, 5. Olivia Fowler LAN 2:07.21, 16. Lily Gose LAN 1:15.05, 25. Sierra Firth LAN 1:22.37, 29. Katelyn Brinda LAN 2:26.56, 

    200-Yard I.M.: 1. Berkeley Christensen CAM 2:16.87, 3. Ashlon Koch LAN 2:20.69, 17. Makayla McPherson LAN 2:36.71, 35. Emma Fousek LAN 3:33.66

    50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Olivia McPherson LAR 24.84, 8. Anja Harms LAN 27.09, 14. Leah Brown LAN 27.55, 23. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 28.26, 26. Lainy Duncan LAN 28.49, 59. Annabelle Nachazel 30.74, 74. Anne Baron LAN 32.33, 106. Karah Raliff LAN 36.38, 114. Ansley Else LAN 39.98

    1-Meter Diving: 1. Emma Reed CEN 401.30, 27. Li Platz LAN 211.65,

    100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Anna Roesler LAR 1:03.28, 2. Ashlon Koch LAN 1:05.32, 15. Makayla McPherson LAN 1:12.23, 18. Li Platz LAN 1:13.59, 23. Asha Reid LAN 1:15.87, 30. Divya Forbis LAN 1:29.94, 33. Jessica Baron LAN 1:34.24

    100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Olivia McPherson LAR 55:09, 9. Leah Brown LAN 1:00.12, 16. Anja Harms LAN 1:01.17, 22. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 1:02.10, 30. Lainy Duncan LAN 1:03.93, 32. McKella Stigers LAN 1:05.10, 37. Sierra Firth LAN 1:07.06, 47. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:09.23,

    500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Sage Morton LAR 5:15.52, 9. Lily Gose LAN 6:06.46, 21. Katelyn Brinda LAN 6:32.52, 26. Annabelle Nachazel 6:49.90, 29. Anne Baron LAN 6:53.88

    200-Yard Free Relay: 1. Laramie ‘A’ 1:41.91 (K. McPherson, H. Schroeder, S. Morton, O. McPherson),  3. Lander ‘A’ 1:47.73 (L. Brown, A. Harms, O. Fowler, A. Koch), 7. Lander ‘B’ 1:54.26 (L. Gose, L. Hamilton, L. Duncan, M. McPherson), 18.  Lander ‘C’ 1:59.89 (M. Stigers, S. Firth, A. Reid, L. Platz) , 23. Lander ‘D’ 2:05.29 (J. Bautz, A. Nachazel, A. Baron, K. Brinda),

    100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Berkeley Christensen CAM 1:01.32, 2. Olivia Fowler LAN 1:02.36, 21. Asha Reid LAN 1:12.09

    100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Hailey Uhrig GRV 1:09.92, 16. McKella Stigers LAN 1:21.08, 23. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:23.92, 30. Divya Forbis LAN 1:33.42

    400-Yard Free Relay: 1. Green River ‘A’ 3:55.55

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