LVHS swimmers and divers had a busy weekend

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    h/t Melissa McPherson – Tiger swimmers take their marks against competitors at a recent competition.

    The following was shared with County 10:


    Homecoming Weekend Challenges Lander Swimmers & Divers

    By Susan Gray Gose

    The Lander girls swimming and diving team easily won a home meet on Friday, beating teams from Cody and Rawlins and winning every event but two. On Saturday, however, a smaller than usual Lander squad faced a tough Powell team at the Pinedale Girls Invitational and had to settle for second to the Panthers.

    After a late night at Homecoming festivities, Lander was without 13 athletes in Pinedale due to sickness, college SATs, and other conflicts. “We swam and dove awesome on Saturday for being completely homecoming exhausted and missing 13 athletes,” said head coach Shawna Morgan. “We posted 18 personal bests, and Ashlon Koch broke the 100-yard backstroke pool record.”


    Sophomore Koch raced to a speedy 1:02.34. Koch also won the 200-yard freestyle in Pinedale. Meanwhile, senior Olivia Fowler out-touched more than 50 racers to win the 50-yard freestyle at the large invitational.

    Lander also enjoyed success in the relays, winning two of the three. Three other Tigers took top-3 finishes at the meet. Junior Anja Harms took second in the 50-yard free and third in the 100- yard free. Freshman Lainy Duncan claimed third in the 100-yard breastroke, and classmate Lillyan Hamilton took third in the 50-yard free. Senior Makayla McPherson helped secure the win for the 200-yard freestyle relay.

    Senior Li Platz and junior Skyler Woodruff improved their dives in the championship 11-dive format in Pinedale, taking 6th and 8th places.


    At the home meet on Friday, several Tigers enjoyed wins: Fowler in the backstroke, Koch in the 200-yard IM, Hamilton in the 100-yard free, Platz in diving, senior Leah Brown in the 50-yard free, and senior Lily Gose in the 200-yard free and 100-yard butterfly.

    Morgan said the focus in coming meets will be to help the athletes who are close to qualifying for the state meet, hit their marks. “We still have five athletes that are super close to qualifying,” she said. “We are going to concentrate on getting them over that hump and continue working on our technique which gets hard this time of season. Hopefully, the sickness that’s been going around is almost done, too. That will help all kinds of things.”

    The Lander Tigers travel to Powell on Friday, then host their final home meet at 10 a.m. on Saturday against Jackson. Fans are encouraged to come and join in a celebration of the team’s nine seniors: Anne Baron, Leah Brown, Mia Cox, Grace Flint, Olivia Fowler, Lily Gose, Makayla McPherson, Li Platz, and McKella Stigers.


    h/t Melissa McPherson – Swimmers compete in the breaststroke at a recent competition in Lander.
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    Lander-Worland-Cody Homecoming Triple Dual, Oct. 2, 2019:

    Team Scores: 1. Lander, 2. Cody, 3. Worland

    200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Lander ‘A’ 2:01.22 (O. Fowler, M. Stigers, M. McPherson, L. Brown), 2. Lander ‘B’ 2:05.84 (A. Koch, J. Bautz, L. Gose, A. Harms), 5. Lander ‘C’ 2:31.45 (T. Bautz, D. Forbis, A. Baron, A. Nachazel)

    200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Lily Gose LAN 2:15.57, 3. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 2:17.25, 4. Anja Harms LAN 2:20.04, 6. Sierra Firth LAN 2:27.71, 7. Katelyn Brinda LAN 2:32.24, 8. Asha Reid LAN 2:34.24, 11. Annabelle Nachazel LAN 2:40.88, 13. Divya Forbis LAN 2:47.27

    200-Yard I.M.: 1. Ashlon Koch LAN 2:21.92, 2. Olivia Fowler LAN 2:22.75, 5. Kelsey Plaisted LAN 3:03.15

    50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Leah Brown LAN 27.13, 4. Lainy Duncan LAN 28.22, 5. Makayla McPherson LAN 28.36, 6. McKella Stigers LAN 29.22

    1-Meter Diving: 1. Li Platz LAN 156.60, 3. Tori Newton LAN 138.75, 4. Skyler Woodruff LAN 133.30, 6. Tanisha Hootch LAN 112.25

    100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Lily Gose LAN 1:09.85, 3. Lainy Duncan LAN 1:12.64, 5. Jessica Baron LAN 1:38.31

    100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 1:00.72, 2. McKella Stigers LAN 1:05.67, 3. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:10.23, 4. Anne Baron LAN 1:10.28, 5. Annabelle Nachazel LAN 1:11.45

    500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Marissa Rosenbaum COD 6:16.53, 2. Makayla McPherson LAN 6:21.89, 3. Katelyn Brinda LAN 6:36.20, 4. Sierra Firth LAN 6:41.46

    200-Yard Free Relay: 1. Lander ‘A’ 1:50.57 (M. McPherson, L. Brown, L. Hamilton, A. Koch), 2. Lander ‘B’ 1:50.71 (M. Stigers, L. Gose, A. Harms, O. Fowler), 5. Lander ‘C’ 2:09.08 (A. Reid, J. Bautz, K. Brinda, S. Firth), 6. Lander ‘E’ 2:18.61 (J. Baron, T. Bautz, A. Else, D. Forbis), 7. Lander ‘D’ 2:21.59 (A. Nachazel, A. Baron, K. Plaisted, E. Fousek)

    100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Olivia Fowler LAN 1:04.58, 2. Ashlon Koch LAN 1:05.19, 5. Leah Brown LAN 1:12.57, 6. Asha Reid LAN 1:13.60, 7. Anja Harms LAN 1:14.15

    100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Kylie Warren WOR 1:18.76, 2. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:23.61, 4. Therisa Bautz LAN 1:28.27, 6. Divya Forbis LAN 1:34.56, 7. Kelsey Plaisted LAN 1:34.61, 8. Anne Baron LAN 1:34.72, 9. Emma Fousek LAN 1:39.23,

    400-Yard Free Relay: 1. Lander ‘A’ 4:31.81 (L. Hamilton, L. Duncan, K. Brinda, A. Reid), 4. Lander ‘B’ 5:20.66 (S. Firth, J. Baron, K. Plaisted, E. Fousek)

    Pinedale Girls Invitational, Oct. 3, 2019

    Team Scores: 1. Powell 499, 2. Lander 421, 3. Sublette 338, 4. Lyman 256, 5. Evanston 202, 6. Riverton 149, 7. Kemmerer 148

    200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Lyman ‘A’ 2:00.98 (H. Hewitt, Bry. Busskohl, Bro. Busskohl, S. Weston), 2. Lander ‘A’ 2:05.88 (O. Fowler, L. Duncan, M. McPherson, A. Harms), 6. Lander ‘B’ 2:13.82 (A. Reid, M. Stigers, L. Platz, K. Brinda), 11. Lander ‘C’ (T. Bautz, J. Bautz, A. Baron, A. Else)

    200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Ashlon Koch LAN 2:05.60, 13. Katelyn Brinda LAN 2:33.06, 15. Asha Reid LAN 2:34.84, 17. Anne Baron LAN 2:35.03

    200-Yard I.M.: 1. Anna Fuller POW 2:29.72, 6. Lainy Duncan LAN 2:35.64, 8. Makayla McPherson LAN 2:38.05

    50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Olivia Fowler LAN 26.78, 2. Anja Harms LAN 27.37, 3. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 27.70, 27. Therisa Bautz LAN 32.54, 33. Tori Newton LAN 34.83, 40. Ansley Else LAN 40.35,

    1-Meter Diving: 1. Emma Karhu POW 348.95, 6. Li Platz LAN 231.15, 8. Skyler Woodruff LAN 209.55

    100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Lucia Harder POW 1:09.46, 6. Makayla McPherson LAN 1:13.41, 8. Li Platz LAN 1:16.44, 12. Jessica Baron LAN 1:37.92

    100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Brynlee Busskohl LYM 56.70, 3. Anja Harms LAN 1:00.10, 5. Lillyan Hamilton LAN 1:01.08, 11. McKella Stigers LAN 1:05.08, 23. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:11.83, 32. Kelsey Plaisted LAN 1:19.60, 37. Ansley Else LAN 1:28.70

    500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Addison Moretti POW 6:06.7, 8. Katelyn Brinda LAN 6:38.49, 13. Anne Baron LAN 7:09.56

    200-Yard Free Relay: 1. Lander ‘A’ 1:49.88 (L. Hamilton, A. Harms, M. McPherson, A. Koch), 6. Lander ‘B’ 1:59.56 (M. Stigers, A. Reid, L. Platz, K. Brinda), 12. Lander ‘C’ 2:13.55 (K. Plaisted, J. Baron, J. Bautz, A. Baron)

    100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Ashlon Koch LAN 1:02.34* (*Pinedale pool record), 2. Olivia Fowler LAN 1:04.20, 7. Asha Reid LAN 1:13.41

    100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Teryn Thatcher KEM 1:12.72, 3. Lainy Duncan LAN 1:19.22, 5. McKella Stigers LAN 1:23.04, 7. Jenny Bautz LAN 1:25.97, 9. Therisa Bautz LAN 1:28.66, 20. Kelsey Plaisted LAN 1:36.89, 22. Jessica Baron LAN 1:38.56, 24. Tori Newton LAN 1:39.76

    400-Yard Free Relay: 1. Lander ‘A’ 4:02.76 (L. Hamilton, L. Duncan, O. Fowler, A. Koch)

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