Lummis critical of “time wasted” on impeachment

    Release from the office of Senator Cynthia Lummis:

    (Washington, DC) – After voting to oppose impeachment of former President Donald Trump, U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming) criticized the time wasted on impeachment proceedings when Wyoming citizens continue to suffer from the economic effects of the COVID lockdown.

    Sen. Lummis said:


    “From the start, I made it clear that I believed this exercise was an unconstitutional distraction that prevented Congress from addressing the very real issues that Wyoming citizens are dealing with. While we spent a week on a political sideshow to which we already knew the ending (acquittal), Congress could have been working on a bipartisan COVID relief package to help struggling businesses in Wyoming. We could have been working to safely reopen schools as health experts recommend. We could have been marking up the POWER Act to ensure American energy independence. Instead, we spent the last week trying to impeach a private citizen from an office he no longer holds – at the expense of American taxpayers.”

    “With this trial, I fear Democrats have sent a dangerous precedent that enables any former President to be subjected to this spectacle all in the name of political theater. The people of Wyoming deserve better.”


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