Local recovered COVID-19 cases increase to 13; latest update from the Fremont County Incident Management Team

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As of 4:00 pm today, April 18th, the total number of recovered COVID-19 cases locally is listed as 13, according to the latest update from the Wyoming Department of Health.

Shared below is the latest update from the Fremont County Incident Management Team.


The new document entitled “Opening up America Again,” published by the White House, gives guidance in our considerations on reopening our communities from the closure orders.

The two key elements for moving past the “gating criteria” are a 14-day downward trend in positives or a 14-day downward trend in positives as a percentage of total testing. We are watching these without conclusive results as of today.

Another key criteria we are watching is having an adequate supply of PPE, which can be quickly supplied from necessary sources. As the governor said yesterday, we are not there yet.

Realizing that all of these are necessary steps before we can move to phase one, we at the Fremont County Health response team would like to make a plea to you, the public, for help.

Please consider wearing masks in public places where close contact may happen. We recognize that personal mask use is a choice. This personal and community action says to everyone “I wear one to protect you, and you wear one to protect me.”

Why a doubling up on the masks? We are now seeing studies where 10% to 30% of people who test positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic (NO symptoms). This makes it difficult to know who can pass the illness on to someone else. We are not trying to impinge on your freedoms. We are using the latest data-driven knowledge to keep you safe. Without real-time, high volume testing to find positive cases, mask use helps to slow transmission between people making it more likely for health officials to make good decisions about the next steps in their care.

Opening up the county will need to be done. But, it needs to be done in a measured fashion to prevent a large surge of hospitalized patients. SageWest has done an excellent job in caring for patients in what we still believe may be the first wave. Our whole community can help to prevent the potential next wave. Please realize that if the next wave does occur as restrictions lift, our first course of action may be to have the restrictions reinstated. Why would we want that? Let’s proceed cautiously together. Thanks for your help.

Fremont County tested positives for COVID-19 as of today is 47. The State Public Health Site lists 7 probable positives for Fremont County which means they were in close proximity to a confirmed positive.

Location breakdown:
24  Lander
1   Riverton
22  Wind River Reservation
(1 – Dubois – not included in our total, reported in Teton County)

Fremont County Health Providers met / consulted with patients previous 24 hours through 4/17 directed 30 to self-isolate.

Directed to Self-Isolate by region:
Fort Washakie 13
Riverton 6
Lander 2
Pavilion 1
Arapahoe 7
Dubois 1

Reminder: if you have been directed to self-isolate by a medical provider, please call our Fremont County Health numbers to help us follow up with you. You can call (307) 857-3677 or (307) 856-6979.

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