Local kiddos earn junior scientist titles at Lander Labs, LLC

    Lander Labs, LLC recently hosted their first-ever Science Block Party for local kiddos to learn about science and have a little fun too.

    “All of the kids were very excited and engaged in each experiment,” shared Lander Labs, LLC Scientist Annie Cook. “I hope to continue these science parties a few times each year to keep kids excited about science, learning, and curiosity.”

    Experiment stations included things like making their own edible petri dishes out of jello and sprinkles, learning about dry-ice bubbles, making their own lava-lamp test tubes, making watermelon bombs, and making the ultimate diet coke fountain as a whole group project, Cook explained.


    Over 20 kiddos were in attendance and their ages ranged from 3-13. They were split into smaller groups and rotated between different experiment stations.

    “One of the rotations included a tour of the laboratory and an experiment using actual test tubes and laboratory glassware,” Cook shared.

    I hope the junior scientists that attended our party were able to just experience a sense of fun and normalcy during this troubling time. It’s been difficult for children to be stuck in their houses with very little interaction and learning, so my goal was to safely celebrate science and give them a break from the monotony that has lasted these past few months. Annie Cook

    When County 10 first shared about Lander Labs’ opening in May, their hope was to be open within a few weeks. Unfortunately, a few unforeseen hurdles happened since then. However, they recently hired and started training lab staff, and will be able to begin some clinical diagnostics in the coming weeks.


    “We will be opening our doors by offering physician’s offices and clinics blood chemistry services,” Cook noted. “This fall, we will be able to expand our testing services to include infectious disease testing, especially COVID-19.”


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