Local department of corrections employee named a ‘Field Service Employee of the Year’

(Riverton, WY) – The Wyoming Department of Corrections shared today, May 7, they are recognizing Angela Mason for her outstanding and exemplary contributions to her team in the Riverton Probation and Parole office and the entire Department of Corrections.

Angela was nominated by her peers and was selected as one of Field Services Employees of the Year for 2020.

“We are grateful for Angela’s positivity, energy, and her focus on improving the lives of those she encounters every day!” said the WDOC.


Her co-workers shared the following:

“While Angela’s position is that of a support staff, this past year and Angela’s efforts have proven how invaluable this position is to the local District, but throughout the Department. Angela commenced her employment during a very uncertain time. She embraced the challenge of receiving her training in an unconventional manner, applied feedback received, while maintaining a positive attitude. Angela quickly demonstrated she was a person who could be counted on and who would go above and beyond in all of her efforts.

“Angela’s strong communication skills and flexibility have made a huge impact on the Department this past year. Despite being a new employee, the pandemic required Angela to learn and apply new tasks almost immediately. Angela remained positive through it all. Angela’s leadership and strong work ethic resulted in her being trusted as the primary point of contact when the Riverton Office moved to telework, with the exception of one other person.

“The change from in-person to telework did not stop Angela from reaching out to her team to check in with them, offer help with tasks, and to provide encouragement. Daily, Angela adjusted her duties to respond to additional tasks in efforts to maintain the safety of clients and staff. In addition to maintaining supplies in the Riverton Office, she also assisted numerous field offices with ordering supplies, specifically related to items needed due to the pandemic. She helped train other field offices with how to mail in COVID19 tests. She coordinated with other agencies, such as the Riverton Police Department and Wyoming Honor Farm to improve the process of obtaining criminal history report information. She adjusted her duties to assist with obtaining required signatures for needed documents, often from clients. She made sure to communicate timelines for required tasks while ensuring mail was quarantined properly. She assumed the duties of maintaining and scheduling needed vehicle maintenance, for District 5 staff, as well as the Field Services Training Manager. She assisted the Field Services Training Manager with mailing out supplies so that other Field Services staff had materials ready for training. She mailed in DNA and substance abuse testing. Since the Lander Office no longer has an office support staff, Angela also provides support to that Field Office. She sets up Presentence Investigations, runs records checks, obtains police reports, and sets up new supervision events. Angela also completed inventory for both the Lander and Riverton Field Offices this past year. Also noteworthy, Angela was required to testify during a revocation hearing for a client being supervised in the Riverton Office. It should be noted, testifying for court is not usually a task required of our support staff. However, Angela accepted this responsibility and received praise from a Chief County Attorney for her testimony.

“For the majority of the year, she intercepted potential safety concerns and notified needed parties so that the risk could be mitigated. Daily, she had to employ good judgment when responding to requests from the public and other community stakeholders.


“Angela was nominated by a peer due to her positive attitude and willingness to help. Angela recognizes she is often the first point of contact and takes her responsibilities seriously. Angela is a role model in that she presents an openness to new ideas and change. She is positive in her interactions with others. She often provides support to others without being asked. Throughout the past year, she worked to promote a positive atmosphere by decorating the Riverton Office and some individual offices for Christmas. She goes out of her way to make staff and clients feel welcomed and seen.

“Angela’s prior relationships from working with law enforcement agencies is an asset to the Department, as she is able to receive a large volume of information and provide pertinent information to needed parties in an efficient manner. When the Riverton staff returned to the office, Angela adapted again to the needs of her team members. Staff returned to a clean and organized office, as she had cleaned out old files and organized supplies in a manner that made for easy access for staff. In addition, she is the first one to celebrate the achievements of her peers. She regularly went out of her way to find things she could do to support others in District 5. Being in the Riverton Office, Angela regularly not only provides support to a District Manager and District 5 staff but also, a Regional Manager, and the Field Services Training Manager.

“It is common for staff in the Riverton Office to find an encouraging note on their desk, an office plant watered, a fallen picture hung, flowers placed throughout the office, and to be greeted with, ‘How can I make your day better?'”

“Thank you Angela, The Department is Grateful for all you do for all of us, every day!”

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