Local businessman strives to launch watch industry first

    Riverton businessman Hal Herron has been working to marry elegant men’s timepieces to modern high tech materials.

    Result: The Arcadia Field Watch.


    “The watch, and coating has been under development for almost two years. The technical challenge was working with the wonder material graphene…which was finally accomplished. Our team has successfully integrated leading-edge materials with functional urban design,” stated Herron.

    Herron is not unfamiliar with business or bringing products to market. This most recent venture sits atop a 25-year career as a key executive with U.S. Energy (Riverton), Sutter Gold, Ticaboo Resort and Riverton’s outdoor product brand: Brunton. Further, Herron has served locally on the Riverton Chamber Board, various state boards, as Chairman of Community Entry Services, and was integral in starting the art banner project in Riverton.

    “The plan is to launch the Arcadia G1.0 Graphene Field Watch on social funding platform Kickstarter on February 12, 2019”, added Herron.

    Brunton introduced optics with a proprietary ruby-red lens coating in the 1990’s under Herron’s leadership. Fast forward 20 years and Herron introduces another proprietary coating to the consumer marketplace, DuraPhene™, touting: 200X stronger than steel, enhanced corrosion resistance, and anti-microbial protection. Arcadia has taken graphene (an extremely strong single sheet of graphite) and mechanically and thermally sealed it to the stainless steel substrate to yield the new offshoot.


    “This amazing material is also expensive…around $100/gram. But it provides uber watch protection and, well…it’s just cool,” added Herron. “The important thing is that we are now able to offer the Arcadia Field Watch with one of the planet’s strongest materials fused to the watch case.”

    The Arcadia Field Watch will sell for $350.





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