Local authorities arrest 7 people on DUI charges this weekend

    35% of arrests in Fremont County this weekend were for Driving Under The Influence. 7 of 20 arrests to be exact.

    And 6 of those 7 arrests were handled in Riverton city limits, by the Riverton Police Department. The other DUI arrest was handled by the Lander Police Department.

    Here’s a breakdown of the calls



    7:10 a.m. – Seta Spoonhunter, 26, Lander arrested for DUI, Probation Revocation, and Fremont County Warrant


    8:19 a.m. Cole Littlewhiteman, 32, Pavillion, Arrested for Driving Under The Influence, Warrant in Minnesota, and Warrant in Crook County, WY


    1:12 a.m. – Christian Posey, 22, Fort Washakie arrested for Driving Under The Influence with a Child Passenger and Possession of a Controlled Substance

    8:35 p.m. Anthony Ammons, 27, Riverton Arrested for Driving Under The Influence



    1:27 a.m. – Harrold Barrowns of Lander arrested for Driving Under The Influence

    2:16 a.m. – Jillian C’Bearing, 22, Riverton Arrested for Driving Under The Influence and Simple Assault

    2:59 a.m. – Christina Yarber, 36, Riverton arrested for Driving Under The Influence


    Additionally, one driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance inside of a vehicle. Two people were arrested for public intoxication. Eight people were arrested on warrants, one for disorderly conduct, and one for interference.

    Arrests reports are posted in full each day in our feature, “Today In The 10.”

    Fremont County and statewide law enforcement entities are stepping up DUI enforcement as the holiday’s approach. Extra patrol will be in place, especially on weekend’s, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.




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