#aglife is a new County 10 series, brought to you by Wyoming Community Bank, that pulls the curtain back on farm and ranch life in Fremont County through images and stories.

There may be life off the ranch, but any Fremont County farmer or rancher will tell you – The #aglife is “the good life.”

There’s a rhythm to the #aglife. When the seasons change, so does the work. Now that the first major freeze and snowfall is here and gone already, winter is getting close, but there’s still a lot of work to do before the temps stay as low as they were last weekend…

The end of the season, the first frost, pumpkins from the garden, they’re all little milestones of the #aglife. Another signpost pointing at winter is when the last of the water is spread over the fields before it’s shut off for the season. h/t Monica Thoman

Some ranches are welcoming new calves at this time of year. This calf enjoys his breakfast on one of the first chilly mornings of the season. h/t Monic Thoman

When it comes to big vegetable gardens, ag families do it right. You can tell them by how many zucchini they bring to the office in late summer – and how many pumpkins they have stacked up for pie, canning, decorating and carving. h/t Monica Thoman

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