List of Walmart products that could soon get much more expensive

The international trade war between the world’s largest two trading partners (United States and China) may have a significant local impact in the near future.

Locally, it’s likely that Walmart will be where that impact is felt most.


While many retailers report that shipments for goods through the holiday season should not be impacted, these price increases will likely be felt with the new year.

Last month, the Walmart corporation wrote a letter to President Trump warning that the tariffs may force price hikes.

These are the items included in Walmart’s letter to the President:

  1. Mandarin oranges in cans
  2. Rawhide for pets
  3. Hair care
  4. Other bath prep
  5. Dog leashes, dog collars
  6. Cat leashes, pet costumes
  7. Hard luggage
  8. Luggage, tote bags, duffle bags, handbags
  9. Travel bags, handbags
  10. Handbags
  11. Backpacks
  12. Rolled wrapping paper
  13. Gas grills
  14. Makeup mirrors
  15. Vacuum cleaners
  16. Toothbrush replacement heads
  17. Electric razors
  18. Air conditioners
  19. HDMI cables, video cables, extension cords, auxiliary cords
  20. Oil-less fryers and toaster ovens
  21. Bicycles
  22. Futons
  23. Wooden furniture
  24. Miscellaneous furniture, like infant pack-and-plays or patio furniture
  25. Mattresses
  26. Christmas lights

More details on goods that could see price increases in early 2019 can be found here. 

Other big retailers that are likely to be affected according to Business Insider include many major auto companies, food and drink production, appliance companies, and retail stores like Costco and Gap.

While Walmart is likely to be the most impacted Fremont County business, there is the potential of a trickle-down effect to locally owned businesses, particularly ones who carry products like the ones listed above.


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