Liquor license transfer approved by Riverton Council Tuesday night; Plans for Cedar Bar to re-open

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The Riverton City Council approved the transfer of a liquor license Tuesday night from the current holder, First Interstate Bank, to Jerry Bornhoft.

The license is currently non-operational and was acquired from previous Cedar Bar ownership by First Interstate Bank in 2018.


It was indicated that the plans for the transfer were for an intended re-opening of the 413 E Fremont Avenue bar.

A representative for Trinity Lutheran School, John Snell, spoke to the councilmembers about concerns with re-opening the establishment near a school. He noted that when the Cedar Bar was open, the nearby property faced issues with debris such as beer bottles, and had to regularly clean vomit and human feces from their property. Regularly, he said, Trinity Lutheran staff found intoxicated individuals on their property. Snell noted that after the bar had closed, the problems seemed to go away.

Councilmembers and a representative from a local real estate company, David Kellner of Home Source Realty, noted that another drinking establishment, Ralff’s Lounge, is next-door to the Cedar Bar. They indicated the problems Trinity Lutheran may have experienced were possibly from previous ownership and did not believe the issues would resume with the reopening of the bar.

Councilmembers and the Mayor voted in favor of the license approval. A timeframe and details about the establishment opening were not immediately available.