Lights On In Lander gets new garden

(Lander, WY) – The after-school and summer program, Lights On In Lander, received a grant from the LOR Foundation to rebuild their garden due to a weed invasion in their previous garden.

“The weeds took over and every summer is just kind of been a battle of trying to not have that happen,” explained Vivian Brown, Lights On coordinator and administration assistant.

The new garden will allow for both Lights On and Pathfinder High School to use it. They also have a spot for a greenhouse.


This past week, Lights On students and community volunteers have been rebuilding the garden in preparation for the summer gardening club, Hands in the Dirt and Head in the Sun.

The gardening club will get to take home what they grow, and they’ve added additional beds to the garden, so there will be more vegetables to go around.

You can learn more about Lights On In Lander by clicking here.


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