Let’s celebrate “crazy” this Holiday Season!

    Hey there, Fremont County! It’s me, Shane over at Gambles.

    First, I have to apologize to you. I’ve been a little absent recently. You might have heard about this whole Coronavirus thing…It’s been pretty crazy this year.

    I think it’s funny how “crazy” has taken on a whole new meaning over the last year and a half. You know what I mean? I’m pretty sure it used to be the word we said to describe something hectic or a little out of control…


    “…holiday shopping was crazy this year!” “…my two-year-old can be a little crazy!” “…that sale at Gambles was craaaazy!”

    But now it seems like it’s taken on a whole new meaning…like irony, mixed with disbelief, blended with a dash of optimism, and topped with a pinch of insanity that puts a nutty grin on your face. As in…

    “…the shipment of furniture came in, that’s crazy!” “…it’s crazy, but yes! We have that in stock!” “Yes, Alisha. I have gone crazy!”

    But seriously, this year has been filled with crazy blessings across our community, hasn’t it?


    One thing about us here, when things get hard – we dig in. We help. We support. In a world that feels more divided than ever, a world that sometimes seems like it’s falling apart and hopeless…I’ve seen wonderful and generous people all around me in Fremont County.

    We’re a crazy corner of the world and I love living here with each and every one of you, no matter who you are.

    I love operating a business here. I love raising a family here.


    I love sharing this place with all of you. I love our crazy little home.

    So, this Christmas and New Year Holiday, remember that crazy has a new meaning.

    It’s that feeling you get when you’re among family and friends and neighbors and you know that, despite our differences, that WE are stronger together.


    Let’s celebrate “crazy” this Holiday Season!

    Another crazy thing…I have a bunch of people that work for me and they deserve a break to be with their families. So, we’re going to be closed for two long weekends in a row: Christmas Eve and Day followed by New Year’s Eve and Day. We’ll be back with our regular hours on Monday, January 3rd, 2022, and ready for another CRAZY year 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Shane from Gambles


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