Let’s all say THANK YOU to the men and women who protect & serve

January 9th is the perfect time to show officers that we appreciate their sacrifice and risk. Each day they put their own life on the line to protect ours. Remember, this is someone’s family member or friend, the coach of your child’s soccer team, the friendly face you see when you need help. Let’s all say thank you to the men and women who protect and serve!

How will you show your support? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take lunch or a special treat to your local department
  • Fly a blue ribbon anywhere a ribbon can be tied
  • Send a thank you card to a special law enforcement officer in your life
  • Simply say thank you!

Saying thank you is great but there is more you can do. Ask an officer how they are doing today. If you have a law enforcement officer in your life, you know that they experience extreme stress and often end up with PTSD, anxiety, or depression. We need them every day but they also need us from time to time. It’s important to check on their mental health and be there when they NEED YOU.


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