Leftover draw offers second chance at a hunting license

    (Cheyenne, WY) – Even though the application deadlines for limited-quota elk, deer and pronghorn licenses have passed, that doesn’t mean you can’t still hunt this fall. Residents and nonresidents still have a chance to hunt these species by getting licenses through the leftover draw. 

    The application period for the leftover draw is only five days, opening today, June 21st through June 25th. 

    The leftover draw has different rules than the initial draw:

    • There is no quota split. Residents and nonresidents all draw from the same quota.
    • Residents and nonresidents can apply together in a party (up to six hunters) for licenses.
    • There are no application fees.
    • Preference points cannot be used, and an applicant will not lose preference points if a  leftover license is drawn.
    • License availability is based on what is not allocated in the initial draw. The leftover draw does not have any influence on the initial draw.

    The availability of leftover licenses changes from year to year for all species. 

    “Availability changes each year based on what hunters applied for and received in the initial draw. Sometimes there are a lot of licenses — sometimes there are not very many,” Doering said. “The licenses in this second draw are exactly what they seem — what is leftover after the first resident and nonresident draws.”

    All applications for leftover licenses must be submitted online. Those without computer access can apply at kiosks at Game and Fish Headquarters or Regional offices.

    Hunters with questions about the leftover draw or how to apply can call Game and Fish at (307) 777-4600 or visit a regional office.


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