Latest COVID-19 update from Fremont County Incident Command Team

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As previously reported, initial investigation by Public Health and State Department of Health officials following the first confirmed Covid 19 case in Fremont County indicated that a community source was the most likely cause of exposure to residents at the Showboat Retirement Center. Public Health Officials suspect that Covid 19 is actively spreading in the community. Limited testing capabilities have made tracking somewhat difficult but recent contact tracing by Public Health staff suggests that Covid 19 activity is increasing in Fremont County. Fortunately, most of the individuals being seen by local health care providers with possible symptoms of Covid 19 have presented with “milder symptoms” and only 4 patients with Covid 19 infection have required hospitalization at this time. Please remember that even those with mild or even no symptoms of Covid 19 can easily pass the virus to others.

As seen elsewhere, generally healthy individuals without underlying medical conditions do not seem to be developing the “serious illness” symptoms that can be extremely dangerous to elderly and other “at risk” groups of the population. Public Health Officials and Fremont County Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee would like to remind Fremont County Residents to continue to practice social distancing and other recommendations to both slow the spread of this Virus and to avoid exposing our “at risk” family members, friends, and neighbors to the virus that causes Covid 19.


Local Healthcare providers and Public Health Officials are continuing to work on developing methods to increase Covid 19 testing capacity in Fremont County. The Incident Command Team has submitted requests for more test kits and are hopeful State Officials will be able to fulfill those requests.

A message posted by the Northern Arapaho Tribe via Facebook
In light of this we are recommending that all tribal members stay at home this weekend unless they have an emergency of some kind. You should not congregate in groups, you should not go to the store unless you absolutely have to, you should not go visit other tribal members who do not live in your home and should avoid gatherings of any kind.
Northern Arapaho Tribe

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