The last days of summer are a funny thing in Wyoming. You know what we mean – It feels like fall in the morning, then it’s definitely still summer in the afternoon. Is it sweater season, yet? Well only before 10am and after 10pm, in between you need shorts and a t-shirt.

There’s some fall weather headed our way this week, but we’re pretty sure there are a few warm days left before snow flies.

At the McDonald’s food truck in Lander, you can squeeze the last bit out of summer! The remodel is almost done and so is summer, which means the #mctruck is about to vanish forever 🙁

But you can celebrate goodbyes AND hellos at McDonald’s in Lander because during this wonky in-between season you can get the best of both worlds. Cool down with ice cream or warm up with Pumpkin Spice. We’ll just let that sink in for a second…Pumpkin Spice.

Until September 14th (yes, that’s Thursday of this week!) you can still grab $.59 Vanilla Cones and $.99 Dipped Cones. But overlapping this sweet extended goodbye to summer, you can also give fall a warm hug with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Small McCafé beverages are just $2 for a limited time.