Lander’s Oakley Boycott prepares for endurance art piece, ‘SILENCE’ [PODCAST]

    The process of simply being. It might be trickier than you’d think. Imagine 12 hours, no bathroom breaks, no snacks, no talking, just being.

    That’s what Oakley Boycott plans to do for three consecutive days. Boycott splits time between Lander and New York City, but has been living in Wyoming primarily this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    On July 1st and 2nd she’ll be doing an endurance art piece at Sinks Canyon State Park. On July 3rd, she’ll appear at the Lander Art Center. Anyone who wants to sit silently across from Boycott can join her, for as long as they want to, connecting in the moment without speaking. Oakley noted that appropriate social distancing measures will be in place for those that want to sit across from her.


    If this sounds familiar, you have have seen a viral video from New York artist Marina Abramovic, who’s piece at the Museum of Modern Art went viral. She invited visitors to sit in a chair silently facing her. You can find more details on that piece in the video below.

    Oakley chatted with County 10’s Amanda Fehring on the County 10 Podcast this week to discuss the piece, how she’s preparing for it mentally and physically, and a little more about her background.

    Click here to listen to the podcast!



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