Lander’s new off-leash dog park opened October 12th

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    Lander’s new off-leash dog park was definitely loved by the many pups in attendance during Saturday’s grand opening. The park is located next to the softball fields off of Baldwin Creek Road and has dedicated space for active dogs, less active dogs and a ball throwing area with access to the water.

    Lander Parks and Recreation Director Sara Felix explained the property the dog park sits on is leased by the City of Lander and owned by the School District. In order to build the dog park there, approval from the School District was needed along with support from surrounding property owners and users.


    The park will continue to be maintained by Lander Parks and Recreation along with volunteers on the Dog Park Committee.

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    During the grand opening, Sara shared all the money for the park was raised locally with help from the City of Lander. 

    Donors are listed below:

    • Joanne and Marvin Brown – made the first donation to get the park going over two years ago
    • Fremont County Recreation Board
    • The Good-Radke Family
    • Brett Foss – donated fencing
    • Lander District Recreation Board
    • Dog Park Committee
    • Lander Rotary Club
    • Wyoming Conservation Corps, Challenge for Charities – Community Foundation, and Popo Agie Conservation District – removed several Russian Olive trees to make room for ball throwing area
    • Denice and Rob Denhart – will be donating a bench

    The Dog Park Committee’s future plans include a shelter, a bulletin board and maybe an agility course.


    You can join the Dog Park Committee, by emailing Sara Felix at [email protected] or by calling the Parks and Recreation office at 332-4647.

    Sara said, “The turnout and support from the community was fantastic for our Grand Opening with around 50 dogs and 100 human visitors! Join our facebook page at “Lander Dog Park” to keep up on the Dog Park happenings!”

    (photos below from the grand opening and video of the ribbon-cutting)


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