Lander’s Main Street electrical boxes are getting makeovers

    h/t AtLAS for Lander Arts and Sciences – “Popo Agie Fishing”

    AtLAS for Lander Arts and Sciences shared the following this week:

    After some delay we can finally announce the artwork that will be on the Main Street electrical boxes! First up, on the corner of Second and Main Street, is Popo Agie Fishing by the Popo Agie Pistols 4H Club.


    Popo Agie Pistols 4H club was started in 2016 as a club dedicated to providing educational workshops and community service opportunities to Lander kids interested in what 4H has to offer. The families in the club are actively participating in the Lander community and making sure educational opportunities are plentiful for these kids. They are proud to be a part of this club and community.

    “Popo Agie Fishing” was created by 5 members of the Popo Agie Pistols 4H Club. They decided they wanted to do a group project, and when AtLAS released their contest it was a perfect opportunity to get together and make something happen. They scheduled a day to sit down together with paint and see what happened. They started by discussing the Popo Agie watershed and what they knew about it. They discussed the many species of fish and wildlife you can find on the water. One kid suggested painting a golden trout, and the painting began. Another kid suggested having a bear fishing for it. They sat down and shared the same canvas for a couple hours and formed the idea and completed it.

    Our next piece of artwork was created by Alana Benson entitled Wind River Foothills. This piece was inspired by Alana’s morning commutes next to the Wind River range, this piece was made using free-hand line work and watercolor.

    Alana Benson is an artist and writer who lives in Lander, Wyoming. Her work has previously appeared in the Chestnut Review, BlazeVOX magazine, the Tishman Review, and elsewhere.


    Check out AtLAS for Lander Arts and Sciences for updates!


    h/t AtLAS for Lander Arts and Sciences

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