#LanderBiz: New building on Lander’s east Main Street designed for state-of-the-art medical center

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    It’s hard to miss the hustle and bustle of the new construction anywhere, but especially the one that’s happening on Lander’s East Main Street near Chase Drive. The question that usually follows a new construction siting is, “What’s being built?”

    The short version, it’s going to be a three-story, 22,000 sq. ft., complex. Occupants of the new building named, 533 E Professional Building, range from an ambulatory cardiac surgery center to insurance agents. Below is the exterior building design provided by the developer Paul Guschewsky.

    h/t Paul Guschewsky

    The building has been built from the inside out for medical, Paul said. It was designed around Western Wyoming Medical’s new state of the art ambulatory surgery center and cath lab. “We didn’t design the building for Lander or Fremont County; the building was designed for the very best technologically advanced center for patient care. It just happens to be in Lander.”

    The level of sophisticated technology at the center is far beyond anything Fremont County had seen before, shared Western Wyoming Medical Owner, Alan Daugherty. Along with the state-of-the-art equipment that will provide very clear mapping and imagery, they will be able to make extremely accurate diagnoses. “We bring that level of care that you would get in Denver or Salt Lake.”

    Patients going to the center for their pre-assessment for surgery will put on V.R. goggles that walk them through their entire procedure. Including arriving at the center and then going home. The idea behind that is to alleviate anxieties that usually come with procedures.

    This center is part of Prevail Heart Clinics of America’s “connected health” preventative care system that uses its Pulsario software. “We are bringing a higher level of intelligent medicine by the use of current technology to monitor and hopefully prevent diseases,” Alan said. They already have “connected health” clinics across Wyoming in Afton, Alpine, Dubois, and Lander. This spring, they will also open clinics in Evanston and Riverton. They are still looking for a location in Riverton, but plan to open it by May.

    “You wrap up everybody in the clinic, and we go home with you, and you unload us with you there,” Dr. Kevin Courville, M.D. said about the Pulsario system. “You are connected to nurses, providers, and anyone else you need continuously. Historically, you get sick and go to the doctor to be fixed. On the Pulsario system, they receive signals and can tell you when you will be sick and can provide preventative care, so you do not get sick.”

    The clinics use mid-level practitioners like physician assistants, so they don’t have to hire cardiologists that there is already a nationwide shortage of, Alan shared. “It allows us to get the care out through Wyoming by use of our software and use of mid-levels so that the patients can get the care close to home.”

    The system is Bluetooth connected to a blood pressure machine, oxygen meter, and weight scale that automatically records the information from those into their patient profile. Patients then answer a few questions like their activity level. Providers are alerted if there are any issues. That sounds super simple, but there is an intense amount of technology behind this that in most cases, they can predict a heart attack 72 hours before it happening, Alan noted.

    Pulsario’s parent company, Prevail Heart Clinics of America, received the “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the USA 2019,” according to the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.

    Their hope, aside from providing better care for Fremont County residents, the new state-of-the-art center will recruit more physicians to Fremont County so healthcare can continue to be an economic driver.

    The projected opening for the ambulatory surgery center and cath lab is May 4th, pending weather impacts on the construction, of course. The other tenants will move into the complex in the following months, Paul shared. Aside from Dr. Kevin Courville, M.D., and Dr. Claude Minor, M.D. of Wind River Heart Clinics, other occupants are going to be Lander Women’s Care OB/GYN, Elevate Rehab Physical Therapy, and Famer’s Insurance Agent Todd Wurth.

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