#LanderBiz: More than books at The Lost Chapter, LLC

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    New assortments of books to browse regularly, traditional and self-published authors, intermixed with community events and workshops, are a few things you will find at Lander’s newest business, The Lost Chapter, LLC, opening April 1st.

    Book lovers and lifelong Fremont County residents Josh and Sierra Soule are bringing the community a different kind of bookstore located at 427 Lincoln Street. It is “beyond the books” as Josh put it. “We want people to explore and go outside the box a little bit.”

    Opening a bookstore was on their minds for quite some time. In the last year, they became more serious about it, and plans were concrete by the end of 2019. “Everything fell into place faster than we thought,” Josh explained.

    In the past few months, they created a community-minded space featuring a selective blend of both new and used books. Their author selection ranges from those you know and love to those you may have never heard of before. You won’t find overwhelming crates or piles of dusty old books. Instead, a few rooms conveniently organized by genres, which range from Science Fiction to Western and everything in between. There is also a place in each room to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and browse.

    Along with opening a bookstore, Josh and Sierra have published two books of their own. Josh tends to be the “creative, genius” behind them, Sierra explained, and “I’m just the editor and make sure they look pretty.” Josh is also a book reviewer, which lends him the ability to bring insider knowledge to their store. “We want to give recognition to new authors as well,” Sierra said.

    If there’s something you are looking for or if you have a hard time finding a book, they will help you find it. Teachers can also order books for classes there.

    The Soule’s hope to have one big event a month to bring the community together. Classes and workshops throughout the month are also in the plan. Along with their rooms of books, they have a conference room where book clubs could meet, or other things could be held. They also hope to have some reading programs kids during summer months to help spark the love of reading.

    The Lost Chapter, LLC will be open Monday – Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sundays from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

    The first planned event is “Blind Date with a Book” on Friday, April 3rd. The following weekend is “Children’s Easter Movie Night!” from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm on April 11th. Information about the events, job openings, and more can be found on their website by clicking here or on their Facebook page.

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