#LanderBiz: Lander Recycle offers affordable curbside recycling service

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    A local company is making recycling more convenient for Lander-area residents and business owners.

    Lander Recycle, LLC, offers residential and commercial recycling pickup for items that are accepted as part of the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District recycling program. Lander resident Chase McFadden says that he started the company to address a community need.

    “Many people want to do their part, but recycling can be a logistical challenge,” explains McFadden. Free public collection bins for recyclable items are located on the grounds of the Lander Landfill and Baling Station, but “sorting, loading and transporting items to the collection area at the landfill is time consuming. This service helps people by saving them that trip,” he says.

    Another benefit of Lander Recycle is that it is a commingled service: customers do not need to presort their recyclables. “Commingled is more convenient,” McFadden says. “Just place all recyclables in one container and set it outside. I’ll take it from there.”

    The current rate for biweekly pickup is $25/month within the city limits. (Rates for rural service run slightly higher.) McFadden says that most of his customers choose the biweekly option. Weekly pickup is $35/month, and he has a handful of residential clients who only need a monthly pickup. “One size fits most, but I’ll work with community members to put together a plan that fits their recycling needs,” he adds.

    McFadden notes that containers are provided for residential service, although customers are welcome to use their own if they choose.

    Of the recyclable items accepted as part of the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District recycling program, Lander Recycle picks up:

    • corrugated cardboard
    • mixed papers (newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, shredded paper, fiberboard)
    • Type 1 plastic bottles/jugs (water, soda, sports drinks, cooking oils, etc.)
    • Type 2 plastic bottles/jugs (milk, bleach, laundry detergent, motor oil, antifreeze, etc.)
    • aluminum cans
    • tin cans and foil 

    Recycling programs are unique to each municipality, McFadden notes, and as such, the items which are or are not accepted vary. For example, glass is not an accepted recyclable as part of the Fremont County program. Also, only type 1 and type 2 bottles and jugs are accepted as plastics; bags, wraps/sheetings, plastic cups/lids, eating utensils, yogurt or sour cream containers, and plastic “clamshells” (common packaging for produce) are not accepted plastics.

    “There’s a misconception that if a plastic is marked with a 1 or 2 symbol, it’s automatically accepted as recyclable,” McFadden explains, “but that’s not necessarily the case. It depends on the program.”

    McFadden is grateful that his curbside recycling service has been so well received. “My customers are amazing. They are committed to checking that the items they place in their containers are recyclable in Fremont County, and I’m diligent in making sure that those items are then placed in the appropriate bins at the landfill,” he explains. “Together, we’re making a positive impact on our community’s recycling program.”

    Destiny Romer’s family has utilized curbside recycling since 2020. “We love Lander Recycle,” Romer says. “Chase makes this service so easy and doable, and it’s super affordable. There is no need to sort – he does all of it – and he sends out a reminder on the day he is picking up. We love this small town service.”

    According to customer Megan Park, “Curbside recycling is an affordable service that has greatly reduced what my family was previously sending to the landfill as trash. Pickups are reliable and require no extra effort on our part.

    “I am grateful to Lander Recycle for providing a service that was previously lacking in our community,” she adds.

    Maven Outdoor Equipment Company was Lander Recycle’s first commercial customer back in 2019. He began picking up cardboard and other recyclables for the local business on a weekly basis. “Chase has been handling the recycling at Maven for a couple of years and it’s an absolute lifesaver,” says company co-owner Cade Maestas. “We now require two scheduled pickups each week, and Chase is always willing to swing by if we generate extra cardboard. We’re very glad this service exists in Lander.”

    Other commercial clients include: The Middle Fork, Lander Bake Shop, Creative Energies, Fremont Orthopaedics, Snow Deep Designs, Wild Iris, Western Printing, The Nature Conservancy, Fremont Frameworks, Strike Consulting, the Wyoming Outdoor Council, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the City of Lander.

    In addition to scheduled residential and commercial pickup, Lander Recycle offers affordable recycling service for special events. “Containers can be provided for aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other recyclables at weddings, concerts, conventions or other events. At the conclusion of the event, the containers will be picked up and the items will be recycled,” says McFadden.

    “Last summer, we provided containers in the park and at several other locations during the Jurassic Classic Mountain Bike Festival and the Wyo 131 Gravel Grinder. Participants in those events seemed appreciative of the opportunity to recycle.”

    For more information regarding recycling service with Lander Recycle, call or text Chase McFadden at (307) 751-1002 or email [email protected]. The business can also be found on Facebook and Instagram at @landerrecycle.

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