#LanderBiz: Lander Labs, LLC bringing Fremont County COVID-19 antibody testing

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    Scientists Annie Cook and Ellie Fair are preparing to open their new clinical testing lab, Lander Labs, LLC, located at 890 North 2nd Street. Their primary goal when open is offering cost-effective COVID-19 antibody testing to bring peace of mind to the community.

    Their biggest hurdle right now is the ordering lead time for the lab equipment. However, they hope to open within the next four weeks. The recently FDA approved antibody tests are also on their way, Lab Supervisor Annie shared. “It is important to me that we use a valued test.” They did extensive market research to find the best possible test for Fremont County.

    Annie and Ellie met in 2013 while working in a high-complexity lab doing DNA serology testing, Annie noted. They are both specialized in DNA and serology, and Lab Director Ellie has worked in infectious diseases.

    They came together to figure out how to help the community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie shared. They decided a private lab that is able to work with anyone, ranging from hospitals to individuals, would be an emergent solution. They will be able to provide the COVID-19 antibody test so a drop of blood can provide results within 15 minutes for approximately $100. They are also trying to work with insurance providers.

    While their primary goal right now is COVID-19 testing, they plan to continue expanding their clinical testing into genetics, high-complexity, and possibly forensic.

    You can read more about Lander Labs, LLC on their Facebook page and website. County 10 will also share an update when they have officially opened.

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