#LanderBiz: Changes underway at the Rock Shop Inn

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(Lander, WY) – Nestled at the base of the Shoshone National Forest, right off of WY-28, sits the Rock Shop Inn. Since 2019, new owner Anthony Prate and his pup Rocksie have been hard at work renovating the cabins, bar, and restaurant.

A few of the cabins are already updated and open for reservations. The remaining cabins will hopefully be ready by summer, and if all goes well, the bar will also be opening up around the same time. The kitchen/restaurant needs the most work and will take more time to complete.

h/t Anthony Prate

Aside from the building updates, the biggest change Anthony is making is opening the property up to the public.

“I’m not talking about just the bar and restaurant,” he explained. “I’m talking about trail access as well. With my trails being open to the public, I hope that draws people down to South Pass. You don’t need to buy anything or rent a cabin to use the access.”

The previous owners kept the property mostly private, and as an avid recreationist himself, Anthony is excited for folks to enjoy the endless outdoor opportunities the area offers year-round.

h/t Anthony Prate

Prior to taking ownership, Anthony served five years as a Reconnaissance Marine and had returned to his family’s roofing business in Illinois.

“I got out [of the Marines] and was putzing around home for about a year; figuring out what I wanted to do and this opportunity came across.”

The previous Rock Shop Inn owners also owned a business in Illinois and were acquainted with Anthony on a business level. Ready to sell, they decided to sell it to someone they knew.

“I had the pleasure of coming out for a few trips to see the property before I made the move,” Anthony noted. “Honestly, I pulled in off the highway; I wasn’t even on the property yet, and I saw the potential this place had. It was definitely beat up and worse for wear at the time I saw it, but I knew there was a gem under there.”

h/t Anthony Prate

He’s very excited to have everything open year-round. With access right off of South Pass, even the winter months should be manageable for staying open.

Once fully open, there will be 3 standalone cabins and 2 split cabins. All of them will have full kitchens and bathrooms.

h/t Anthony Prate

The menu at the restaurant hasn’t been decided yet, but he plans for it to be filling and not break the bank.

“Above all, I want the quality to speak for itself. Cleanliness, quality of food, and the experience you have. It’s not just the plate in front of you, it’s your surroundings. I really want people to come up here and enjoy themselves.”

In the meantime, Anthony encourages anyone who is interested in what he has going on to stop in at the property, 4260 WY-28, or give him a call at (307) 332-9318.

“If the gates are open, stop in, say ‘hello.’ I’ll show you what I’m doing with the place.”

You can follow the Rock Shop Inn on Facebook, Instagram or visit the Rock Shop Inn website to see more and make a reservation.

h/t Anthony Prate

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