Lander woman submits plea agreement regarding aggregate fraud by check felony charge

    (Lander, WY) – A change of plea hearing was held Tuesday, April 5th, overseen by the Honorable Judge Marvin Tyler, where 28-year-old Lander resident Parris Lawrence officially pled “guilty” to one count of aggregate fraud by check, a felony.

    The guilty plea comes after a plea agreement was filed on behalf of Lawrence on March 8th.

    Lawrence was initially charged with (and pled “not guilty” to), fraud by check and fraud by check aggregate felonies, as well as three fraud by check misdemeanors, for six alleged instances of check fraud that occurred at five Fremont County businesses (two in Lander, and three in Riverton).


    During the hearing, Lawrence stated that she knowingly used checks without sufficient funds to purchase “food, cleaning supplies,” and items she “needed” for her new residence.

    As per the agreement, Lawrence changed her plea to “guilty” of Count 1 of the charges filed against her, and would be sentenced to no less than two, no more than four years in the custody and control of Wyoming Department of Corrections.

    If agreed upon, the plea agreement also stipulates that Lawrence will pay restitution in the amount $3,065.95, prior to sentencing.

    If she does so, the second felony charge and misdemeanors will be suspended, and she will also be under supervised probation for three years.


    If Lawrence fails to pay restitution by the sentencing date, she will agree to a split sentence of no less than three and no more than five years in the custody and control of Wyoming Department of Corrections, and also serve a term of eight months in the Fremont County Detention Center.

    Upon completion, the remainder of her sentence would be suspended, and she would be placed on a 3 year supervised probation, with the terms and conditions of probation would being left up to the court.

    Lawrence is currently out on bond, and the court also stated any failure to abide by the bond would render the plea agreement void.


    Juge Tyler ultimately found sufficient factual basis to conditionally accept Lawrence’s guilty plea to the Count 1 charge.

    A sentencing hearing concerning Judge Tyler’s decision will be held at a later date once the court has had more time to deliberate.

    County 10 will continue to provide more information on the case as it becomes available, which can be viewed here.


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