“Farmers Market” like a Pro with 5 expert tips

A big thank you to our sponsor Wyoming Community Bank for bringing you this content on County 10.

Join us this Saturday for the Lander Valley Farmers Market from 9-11:30 at Lander City Park.  You’ll find your usual vendors and some new folks too.  The veggies are starting to come to market now and you’ll find the freshest food in Fremont County.

Here are some Market Tips:

  • Bring your own shopping bags. Save a tree, stop the plastic and bring your cloth bags to reduce waste at the market and save the environment.
  • Bring small dollar bills. Leave the $100 bill at home and bring smaller change for the smaller purchases.  Most items are under $5 and more are just a few dollars.  Come prepared.  (The vendors thank you for this one.)
  • Shop the market first then go to the grocery store. Do you find yourself saying “oh, I just bought eggs and lettuce at the store?”  Go to the market first and buy your eggs, greens, cheeses, dairy, bread, etc. then go to the grocery store.
  • Keep your dairy fresh. If you plan to make a day of it shopping and being out and about, bring an insulated cooler for your dairy products.
  • Keep Fido leashed. We all love our pets, but please remember to keep your dog leashed and under control at all time at the market.  The market is a safe place for everyone.  Help us keep it that way.

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