Lander to celebrate World Orienteering Week

    Events to be held during the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend
    at the Lander Community and Convention Center

    May 13, 2024 (Lander) – People all over the world will be celebrating World Orienteering Day in May by trying out fun map activities and games. Members of our own community will be able to participate in nearby events. There will be programs for school groups, as well as events open to the general public. People of all ages are welcome – with a particular focus on children and newcomers.

    “We hope to spur even greater interest in the sport and in our junior orienteering programs,” said Barb Bryant, Orienteering USA’s Youth Mapping Program leader.

    Orienteering is a navigation sport which may be set in a forest or even local parks, school/college campuses, and city streets. Participants find checkpoints using only a map and compass. The fastest to visit all the checkpoints in the correct order wins. Events are suitable for all ages and courses range from short & easy to long & strenuous.

    Orienteering at Lander City Park.
    Orienteering at Lander City Park with Scouts BSA Troop #52.

    “Orienteering is like solving a giant puzzle,” said Kristen Brown, Lander orienteering enthusiast. “I love that I get to be outside practicing navigation skills. It’s a lot of fun!”

    Join in the fun on Friday, May 17, from 4p to 8p and Saturday, May 18, from 9a to 4p at the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend held at the Lander Community and Convention Center. The event is free and open to the public. Orienteering activities will include Maze-O’ with several difficulty levels which can be “unlocked” by completing each level, much like a video game, and an option for a head-to-head duel between two competitors. Also available will be several navigation courses in the area around the Community Center as well as nearby Lander City Park!

    “Kids have so much fun learning and exploring the outdoors through activities like this,” said Kris Beecroft, Past OUSA President, “and it’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy, with more than 60 clubs across the US offering events on most weekends.”

    For more information about local clubs and events open to the general public, visit

    About Orienteering

    Orienteering is an international sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee, with annual World Championships at the elite and junior levels. It is also a life-long recreational activity for people of all ages and abilities. By learning to navigate with maps in unfamiliar terrain, orienteering builds self-confidence and appreciation for the value of natural spaces which is important for developing the next generation of environmentally aware citizens.

    About Orienteering USA

    Orienteering USA is the national governing body representing over 60 local clubs and event promoters across the country. Tens of thousands of people participate in hundreds of events across the country every year.

    About World Orienteering Week

    World Orienteering Week ( is an annual school-oriented celebration of the sport. The vision is to increase the accessibility of orienteering to young people, and help teachers use orienteering as a tool to develop their students’ physical health, confidence in new situations, and spatial reasoning skills. In 2024, events are taking place in at least 10 US states at 12 locations. The first World Orienteering Day took place in 2016; last year more than 100,000 people participated in 63 countries, worldwide.

    About Speed Goat Orienteering

    Speed Goat Orienteering is a Lander-based club hosting navigation events open to the public, including beginners, throughout the year. For more information, go to and to for the current schedule of local events, or visit to find a club and event near you.

    For more information about local orienteering:
    Eric Concannon, 307-438-1090, [email protected]

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