‘Lander Pirate Parade 2020’ to take over Main Street on July 4th

Lander residents Rachel Good and Hunter Brewer decided at around 8:00 pm last night, June 14th, that they are going to organize what has been deemed the “Lander Pirate Parade 2020” on the 4th of July.

Before you get your hopes up, let’s clarify – you probably won’t see any folks dressed in pirate garb or ships ready for the high seas at this one. Rachel and Hunter are calling it the pirate parade because they’re “going to take over Main Street.”

With the postponement of the 126th annual Lander Pioneer Days Pageant of the Old West 4th of July Parade and the rodeo until 2021, Rachel and Hunter thought, “Why don’t we just do it ourselves?” So, last night they started a Facebook group that has significantly grown in such a short time.


“The whole spirit is just to have fun, and give anyone who wants a parade a parade,” Hunter said. While all the details are still being worked out, here’s what we know so far: all traffic laws will apply, they plan only to use a single lane of travel to avoid being disruptive, and are not protesting anything. They will just be cruising Main Street like the Friday Night Cruises. 

“Our main goal is everyone stays safe and has a great time,” Rachel said. “We want as many people as possible to come to make floats, bring their classic cars, and motorcycles. Make it as close as we can to what we know and love as the Lander Parade. We really want people to come and watch. Use their discretion on social distancing.”

Hunter would like to have a bonfire the Saturday before on June 27th for everyone who plans to be part of the parade to join and finalize the details. You can stay up-to-date on the parade happenings by joining their Facebook group by clicking here.


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