Lander Pet Connection, Pet of the Week – Meet Beauford!

    Meet Beauford, the lovable Lab mix sweetheart waiting to steal your heart! Beauford is a playful, curious, and smart companion who’s eager to learn and please. His affectionate nature makes him a perfect cuddle buddy, always seeking love and attention.

    Beauford is a social butterfly, getting along well with other dogs and always up for a playdate. Balls, naps, and squeaky stuffed animals are his favorites – the recipe for a happy doggy day!

    While Beauford is working through some fears, like cars, doors and the television,  he’s adapting quickly to the comforts of a home. With stability and love, he’s sure to overcome these challenges and become an excellent new best friend.


    This handsome fella with soulful brown eyes might just steal your heart (and maybe your shoes too!). Beauford is house-trained and likely crate-trainable, although he prefers not to be confined. He has a playful side, occasionally jumping on furniture but he responds well to redirection. With a little patience and training, his house manners will be amazing in no time!

    If you’re ready to welcome a loving companion into your life, Beauford is waiting to be your new best friend. Give this adorable pup the home he deserves, filled with love and endless playtime! 

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