Lander Pet Connection: Adopt Eve, Your Adventure-Ready Pet of the Week!

    Ladies and gents, allow us to introduce the lovely Eve! This young adult dog might be part Doberman Pinscher, or just a beautiful combination of part “your guess is as good as mine” and pure perfection! Eve’s not just a pretty face—she’s got brains to match, plus she’s already a dog social butterfly, spreading her pawsitive vibes to everyone she meets.

    Forget those puppy shenanigans; Eve is a seasoned pro at being the best companion ever! She’s all set to join your family for epic escapades in the mountains, wading through streams, and hitting those winding trails. Just imagine the two of you soaking in the wildflower blooms of the Wind River Range—*chef’s kiss*!

    Ready for camping season, Eve can be your trusty adventure buddy by day and your couch cuddle partner by night. Don’t miss out on this tail-wagging opportunity to make memories with Eve! Head over to for our easy adoption questionnaire and meet your next hiking partner and BFF today! *h/t to the amazing @laughinghiker photography 



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