Lander man wins “Best of Show” in Sinks Canyon photo contest

    Snowy egret went up against moonrise, rocks in the river against wildflowers, and badgers against mountain lions in the 38th annual Sinks Canyon State Park Photo Contest. Dozens of photographers from around the county and state vied for ribbons and prizes in this year’s contest. According to park officials it was a very strong year, especially for wildlife and scenic shots.

    The Best of Show prize was won by Lander photographer Bill Alley for his shot of a moon rising over Fiddler’s Lake. Alley won a $200 cash prize.

    The winning photos will be on display through Labor Day at the Sinks Canyon Visitor Center. The winning pictures are on display panels, but visitors can see all of the photographs entered this year on the park’s 42 inch flat screen T.V. “This gives people a chance to view all of the great shots we get,” said Park Superintendent Jamie Simonson. “Many of the pictures that didn’t place could have easily won ribbons if we had them to give out!”


    People coming to see the contest winners can vote for their favorite picture which will be given a People’s Choice ribbon on Labor Day.

    Garhart Stephenson of Lander took first place and a $100.00 prize for his shot of a brook trout in the Potpourri category. Matt Myers of Lander took second place and $60.00 with a shot two boats on the bank of Louis Lake. Third place in the category also went to Garhart Stephenson for his shot of the Milky Way over a campsite. He won $40.00.

    Honorable mention ribbons in the Potpourri category went to Garhart Stephenson, Gina Herbert, Corinna Hudley, and Nancy Alley.

    In the flora category Garhart Stephenson won first for a shot of pink and yellow flowers in Atlantic Canyon. Gina Herbert won 2nd and $60.00 for a shot of wildlfowers against a fenceline. Gina Hebert also won third and $40.00 for her shot of the sun setting through the trees.


    Winning honorable mention ribbons in the flora category were Nancy Alley, Gina Herbert, and Aidan Hayford.

    The wildlife category first place was awarded to Gene Schmidt of Lander for a picture of a Snowy Egret on the Popo Agie. Second also went to Gene Schimdt for a shot of baby foxes at play, and third went to Mindy Clancy for her shot of a mountain lion.

    Honorable mentions in wildlife went to Gene Schmidt , Gina Herbert, Nancy Alley, and Garhart Stephenson


    In the Scenic category Matt Myers won first with a shot of a storm over a lake. Second place in scenic went to Garhart Stephenson for a flower scene in Cyclone Pass. Third was won by Bill Alley for a colorful Wind River Sunset.

    Honorable mentions in the scenic category went to Corinna Hundley, Bill Alley, Garhart Stephenson, and Mindy Clancy.

    “We really appreciate the time and effort people take with their photos,” said park employee Darrel Trembly. “This contest is a great way to get people involved with the park and show off the talent of our local photographers. The artists are greatly contributing to our visitors and to the park.”


    The winning photos will be on display at the visitor center through Labor Day, along with all the entries. After that the winners will be on display at Westward Heights Care Center through September. Some of the photos will be chosen as part of the permanent collection at Westward Heights.


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