Lander man begins ride sharing business in effort to help reduce drunk driving

    Feike Van Dijk of Lander has started a new business venture this month, but he says, it’s not for the paycheck.

    Van Dijk is offering ride sharing, through both the Lyft and Uber applications. However he noted recently, the Uber app is not working as well as the Lyft app in Fremont County currently.

    “This idea was about doing something positive for the community I live in,” Van Dijk said. “If you’ve been drinking or are unable to provide transportation for yourself, this is the easiest, most safe way of getting a ride.”


    Feike told us there have been over 350 DUI’s assigned in Fremont County drivers over the last two years. Between 2012-2017, 52 DUI-related deaths have been calculated on Fremont County roadways. “It’s about being pro-active,” he said. “We as a community need to help reduce those numbers. There’s not a lot of transportation choices here, I want to see a decrease in vehicle crashes.”

    As of last weekend, Van Dijk was yet to have a customer. He said that he believed over the holidays, especially New Year’s Eve, things may become busier.

    Van Dijk serves as a Chaplain for the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department and a firefighter for the Fremont County Fire Protection District. He’s one of the first on the scene often at DUI-related accidents.

    That schedule keeps him pretty busy. He said his best time for ride-sharing usually is in the evenings. “I try to be available when people are leaving the bars,” he said. “8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is when I expect to be busiest.”


    Feike says he hopes that he’ll soon have some competition in the Fremont County ride-sharing industry. “The more the merrier. I sincerely hope as many people sign up to offer this service as possible. The more options people have to not drink and drive, or to have transportation provided, the better it is for the entire community.” He continued that if anyone is still skeptical about using the services, that both Uber and Lyft require a clean driving record and background check before approving drivers.

    While Van Dijk is based in Lander, he said he’d be happy to provide transportation all across Fremont County. If provided enough time for arrangements, he pointed out, he’s happy to provide rides to the Riverton Regional Airport and beyond.

    For now, it appears using the Lyft app is a more reliable way than the Uber app in Fremont County until there’s more demand for it. You can also call for a ride at: 307-349-3795. 


    Van Dijk also let us know that he has given his number and information to nearly every bar in Lander and Riverton. So, if you’re stuck without a ride, you can inquire about Lyft with the bar staff.




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