Lander local wins inaugural Arkansas High Country Race

h/t Mike Dicken

Sleeping only a few hours per night and cycling an average of 158 miles a day, Mike Dicken completed the fully unsupported 1000 mile race in six days, ten hours and five minutes. With no aid stations or checkpoints for the entirety of the course, Dicken followed the half paved, half gravel route through the western mountains of Arkansas with only a GPS to guide the way.

Mike shares, “I really studied the route a lot before the race to get acquainted with it as much as possible, stuff like knowing where all the towns and stores on the route were and down to specifically what the store hours are. On top of that was a boatload of training all winter and spring long in spin class, fat biking, and road biking.”


Receiving 3rd place in the Arizona Trail Race in April, Dicken does not have any other extensive races planned this year. Looking ahead, Mike notes, “…I’ve got a few on the list for a possibility for next year, maybe I can go back and beat my time on the Tour Divide or maybe the Smoke and Fire in Idaho or Trans Iowa, we’ll see.”

Congratulations, Mike!