Lander Golf Course COVID-19 precautions

h/t Lander Golf Course

The Lander Golf Course staff have shared the following announcement: 

The management and BOD at Lander Golf Course are monitoring the constantly changing developments of the Coronavirus outbreak. We are paying close attention to what the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and local health administrators are saying and are following their recommendations. Currently knowing what we know, we plan to open and provide quality affordable golf to our community. We will alter our operations and put steps in place to provide a higher level of safety through every human contact point of our service.


It is common knowledge that being outdoors and playing golf are both great stress relievers. We also know that relieving stress and physical activity will boost our immune systems. It might be that with the right precautions and perhaps a little pre- and post-round modifications, golf might be an excellent antidote to our increasing fears of the coronavirus. We believe that with safety precautions, aside from being in your own home, the golf course is probably one of the safer places to be.

We know it will be a communal effort to battle this virus but here is our commitment to you:

  • Check-in at the Golf Shop – We will expedite your check-in as much as possible. To minimize face time at the check-in counter we ask that customers arriving in groups of 2 or more send one person in to pay for the group or collect cart keys for season pass holders. We will commit to sanitizing and disinfecting the check-in area on an steady basis throughout the day.
  • Walking /Golf Carts and Golf Course – It is obviously easier to keep “social distance” if you’re walking the golf course. But if you ride, we ask that family and friends ride together and we will allow single golfers to ride by themselves. The idea is to stay out of range of strangers. Our plan is to clean, disinfect and sanitize each cart in between rounds. We are removing the sand/seed bottles from each cart. Ball washers on the tee boxes will be removed from the golf course. And rakes will be removed from bunkers. Golfers can pick up their ball in the bunkers and smooth out a spot and replace the ball. We will continue raking bunkers to keep them as smooth as possible.
  • Restrooms – The on-course restrooms will remain closed during this time. The clubhouse restrooms will remain open and will be cleaned and sanitized accordingly.
  • Food & Beverage – The Bar & Grill will not be open for full service. You can come to the golf counter or call ahead and order food and drink and our employees will prepare it and serve it to you on a “To Go” basis only. Seating outdoors will be limited and only disposable “To Go” packaging will be provided.
  • Driving Range – Range balls will be dispensed in the golf shop and the ball dispenser and tokens will not be in use. If you have tokens or a range card already, bring them to the golf shop and we will provide balls for your use. Golf balls and buckets will be cleaned between customers. Please leave your range pail on the range tee and don’t return it to the ball dispenser area.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – There will be a heightened frequency of disinfecting high touch areas such as restroom sinks and basins, doorknobs, countertops, etc. It is our intention that if it’s touched we will wipe it with disinfectant.
  • Staff – Our employees are committed to using common sense and best practices including hand washing, non-contact greeting, social distancing and high levels of personal hygiene.

What you can do to help yourself and everyone else at the golf course:

  • No high fives and 18th hole handshakes…try an elbow, foot bump or golf club tap.
  • DO NOT REMOVE THE FLAGSTICK while putting or while on the putting green. “Gimmies” inside your specified distance are acceptable.
  • Find extra space in your golf bag for hand sanitizer and use it frequently.
  • Keep your distance from groups outside your own and remember “social distancing” of at least 6 feet.
  • Please do not tee it up if you’re feeling sick. We love the game, but don’t put someone else at risk.
  • Keep your cellphone where it’s not directly on the cart dashboard or cubby. Keep your phone on person and wipe it down with frequency.
  • Get in, get out and keep your visits in the clubhouse to the least amount of time as
  • If you want to hang out, sit outside on the patio and keep your distance from strangers.
  • Sanitation bottles and wipes will be available in the cart staging area for the golfer’s personal use so that you can wipe down steering wheels, seats, etc. Please dispense of waste paper in the trash bins also in the cart staging area.
  • Please do not wet your golf towels in the restrooms. There will be a bucket of water with sanitizer in the cart staging area. Dip your towel in the sanitized water and ring it out…please don’t put your hands in the water.

The health and well- being of our customers and employees is our single highest priority. We will continue to watch the coronavirus crisis with the intention of doing what’s right for the safety of all of us. We truly appreciate your help and understanding during this very difficult time.