Lander City Council Member shares insight from SageWest visit

h/t Cade Maestas

Updated: To clarify, according to Cade, right now, there is typically 1 bed per ICU. Also, information potentially leading to the identification of a patient has been removed from the below statement.

Lander City Council Member Cade Maestas shared the following about his visit to SageWest yesterday:


Yesterday I was invited to Sage West to get a better understanding of what they are facing in dealing with Covid-19. This is a picture of one of their RNs getting dressed to go into a patient room. Process is about 5 minutes per person. This means if the patient is having an emergency it takes a little bit of time before anyone can get in to help them.

When this all started they had four ICU units. The hospital has expanded that to 12 and they’re all full. They’re working on expanding it to 20 this week and have a lot more possible capacity… Which they are going to need.

The tour finished with the head surgeon begging us to ask people to stay home, let people know how serious this is, and do our best to communicate that this is only just begun.

For all of the people that think they know better, for the doubters, for the conspiracy theorists, I tell you I’ve seen it with my own eyes and it’s real.

Stay home, wash your hands, practice appropriate physical distancing. You might not be worried about it, but the faster we get through this the faster we can get back to whatever normal will be.