Lander City Council announces changes to public comment process

    (Lander, WY) – The procedure for public comment at Lander City Council meetings is undergoing a change, with comments now having to be submitted to the City Clerk in order to be added to the agenda before the night of the meetings, Mayor Monte Richardson announced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

    The change will go into effect starting July 12.

    “Over the past year, there has been renewed interest in the City government. For myself and the Council, we are very grateful that so many want to participate,” stated Mayor Monte Richardson. “In order to be more efficient with City government, we will restructure the agenda item called “Communication From the Floor.””


    “The City will continue to allow citizens to address the council when they request to be heard in advance of the meetings. This will ensure that topics of discussion are relevant to the agenda, and to allow City Council and staff to be better prepared to discuss topics presented by our citizens,” a post on the City’s Facebook page later elaborated.

    “If the topic of concern is scheduled to be on the agenda, you will initially be given the floor for 3 minutes to present your comment or concern. You are encouraged to stay in the meeting after your topic is discussed by Council.”

    The post stated that if folks want to be added to the agenda, you can make a request to the City Clerk, 307-332-2870.

    Citizens were also urged to communicate their ideas and concerns directly to the Mayor and Council via email, or meet directly.


    Email addresses can be found on the City of Lander web page.


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