Lander Ambassadors’ Extravaganza a huge success – Checks presented to beneficiaries

    On March 4, 2023, the community of Lander came together to host the biennial Lander Ambassadors’ Extravaganza. Attendees had the chance to socialize, participate in live and silent auctions, and enjoy a hilarious comedy show by the talented Cam Bertrand. This highly anticipated event not only brought people together for an evening of entertainment but also provided a platform for local organizations to raise funds for their causes. This year’s beneficiaries were the Fremont County Pioneer Museum Association and Lander Legends Baseball.

    The Extravaganza was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication and collaboration between the Lander Ambassadors, Fremont County Pioneer Museum Association, and Lander Legends Baseball. Brian Rohrbacher, President of the Lander Ambassadors, expressed his gratitude, stating, “The Extravaganza was a tremendous success because of the partnership we had with Fremont County Pioneer Museum Association and Lander Legends Baseball. These two beneficiaries worked hard to assist the Ambassadors before and during the event.”

    The Lander business community played a crucial role in the event’s success by generously donating to these causes. Rohrbacher extended his appreciation to the businesses and attendees, recognizing their significant contributions. “These people and businesses really help in funding these causes,” he added, acknowledging the tremendous support received from the community.

    The Fremont County Pioneer Museum Association shared their excitement about being a part of the Extravaganza. Doug Thompson, Vice President of FCPA, explained their plans for the funds raised during the event, stating, “The museum will use the funds to relocate the Sam Singh Laundry Cabin from its current location to the Fremont County Pioneer Museum site. The laundry cabin is an important piece of Lander’s history as it opened in the late 1800s as the first launderer in Lander.”

    Lander Legends Baseball, a youth baseball program, was thrilled with the support received. Coach Gale expressed his gratitude, saying, “Funding gave a tremendous kickstart to a youth baseball program that we hope will be a great life experience for teenagers in Lander for generations to come.” The funds immediately helped with purchasing equipment and field maintenance, enhancing the overall experience for the young athletes.

    The Lander Ambassadors presented a check for $20,000 to Lander Legends Baseball.

    Paula Kihn, President of Lander Legends, emphasized the significance of the funds raised, saying, “We are miles ahead of where we started last year, which is important for our organization and families to remember.” She highlighted how the funding provided the capital to purchase practice equipment, improving the level of play. Additionally, the funds will support travel to broaden the players’ competition, with teams traveling to Colorado, Idaho, and across Wyoming this season. The Lander Legends expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Ambassadors and the community for their unwavering support.

    The success of the Lander Ambassadors’ Extravaganza showcases the power of community collaboration and support. By joining forces and rallying around important causes, the residents of Lander demonstrated their commitment to preserving local history and providing enriching opportunities for the younger generation. Lander can undoubtedly be proud of this memorable evening and the positive change it has sparked.

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