Lander 4th graders dissect squids with new equipment thanks to LOR Foundation

    (Lander, WY) — With the help of the LOR Foundation, this year’s Baldwin Creek Elementary 4th graders dissected squid using brand-new science equipment.

    4th grade teacher Jill Robertson shared that in the third quarter, students study animal adaptations. Three years ago, after teaching about squid, the teachers decided to begin dissecting them.

    “They’re not as complex as a frog because they’re an invertebrate,” Jill explained. “Then, just the connection to what we had been reading about. We read about squid, and we write about their different adaptations and their habitat.”


    When they first started dissecting them three years ago, they borrowed equipment from the middle school and high school. This continued until this year.

    “I approached the LOR Foundation, and Ami (Vincent) jumped right on board and said, ‘Absolutely, let’s write this,'” Jill shared. “And so they fully funded the project, and now we have at Baldwin Creek, we have a science sink and a dishwasher that was just installed. And then they also purchased dissection kits and trays. And so the kids have all the real scalpels and all the things. The fourth graders were totally fascinated by getting to use real science equipment and then goggles and aprons as well as the gloves. And then they also funded the squid for this year.”

    Right before spring break, the students got to do their dissection.

    “We were able to do our squid dissection with all of our new equipment, and the kids were just so excited,” she said. “They were saying things like, ‘Is this what a real scientist does?’ ‘I want to do this. ‘I love the equipment.’ They loved getting to be the first group that got to use that stuff. But now it’s sustainable, and we have it every year.”


    Jill shared her appreciation to the LOR Foundation for funding the project and to Fremont County District #1 for allowing LOR funding.

    “It’s really nice that they’re willing to fund projects that are within the school and also that our school district is open to letting us seek out those grants because some school districts will not.”

    The LOR Foundation’s mission: “Listening first, LOR works with rural communities in the Mountain West to enhance livability and prosperity while preserving the character that makes each community unique.”


    Learn more about the LOR Foundation by clicking here and FCSD #1’s Baldwin Creek here.


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