Julie Freese announces re-election bid for Fremont County Clerk

(Fremont County, WY) – Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese announced today, May 5th her plans to seek another term. Below is her announcement.

“I have had the honor of serving Fremont County for the last four years as your County Clerk.  Because I love serving my county in this capacity, I am announcing my re-election bid for Fremont County Clerk.  If elected, I will continue to work for the people of this county in a transparent, conservative, customer-oriented manner.  I have had an open-door policy and will continue to listen to the citizens about their concerns or suggestions.  I will continue to uphold the laws of this state and the Constitution in performing the duties of County Clerk.  I strive to look at ways of performing this job more efficiently or better instead of “the way It’s always been done”.  I have exhibited leadership here in Fremont County as well as in the County Clerk’s Association, the Wyoming Association of County Officers, and in the Federal Election Center’s Legislative Committee.  I am a member of the Fremont County Republican Party and the Fremont County Republican Women’s organizations. 

“As the County’s Budget Officer, the clerk’s job is to gather the budget information and supply answers for any budget question the commissioners may have to allow them to set the budget.  Once the budgets are set, it is my responsibility to monitor spending of all departments.  One area that I was able to get accomplished was to present a budget that was sustained fully by the amount of revenues coming into the county budget.  The other success was to get the employee’s job descriptions placed in a Standard Occupational Classification with Levels to help determine where salaries should be.  This helped the commissioners set salary adjustments for county employees, which were long overdue.  


“As the County’s local Election Official, the work on elections is something that is worked on continually and not just in election years.  New voting equipment was purchased in 2020 and County Clerks across the state started working on uniform processes for voting.  In Fremont County, the education component is important to me and I try to talk about voting, processes, and security wherever I can.  I speak to youth about voting and supply voting opportunities to their classes to educate them from a young age.  I provide many voter registration opportunities beyond the Monday through Friday setting.  When election judges became scarce, the move to Vote Centers was implemented in 2020 and voters learned they could vote in any of the 8 locations in the county as well as voting absentee in person 45 days before the election.  I’m proud of our election security and being one of 2 counties in Wyoming who passed the first Homeland Security audit.  I continue to work on local and state voting security measures including chain of custody and uniformity of processes.  

“The vehicle title department sees changes with many of the legislative sessions and I as a customer-service oriented County Clerk I expect our staff to be courteous and helpful as well.  We have experienced the COVID pandemic and have now experienced a great deal of employee turnover which has made the reopening of the Riverton Office non-existent for the last 2 years.  When staffing is better for the Clerk and Treasurer, it is my desire to re-open the Riverton Office 2 days a week as had previously been enjoyed by the eastern half of the county.

“Land Recordings have been digitized and available online at no fee to the taxpayer.  I am working to get the rest of the records completed so all records are available online.  Privacy is also important and we redact personal information.  E-recording for businesses has also been a new method of recording without having to businesses having to mail documents or come into the office.

“The County Clerk also serves as the main Human Resources person, performs payroll and benefit management and pays all bills for the general county government including the Museum and Library.  These areas keep the Clerk in touch with all county offices on a regular basis and I work well with these county offices and boards

“On a personal level, I am married to Burt Freese and have two children Trisha and Jake (Kinsey) and 6 grandchildren, Tayton Goodman, Hadley Freese, Danica Freese, Karlee Freese, Jenna Freese and Cora Freese.  In my free time, I am the Treasurer of the Lander Old Timer’s Rodeo Association.  I have been the President of the County Clerk’s Association and President of the Wyoming Association of Elected Officials.  I am currently the co-chair of the County Clerk’s Association Legislative Committee.  I have served on the National Elections Standard’s Board where I served as the Executive Secretary.  I also serve on the Election Center’s National Legislative Committee.  I enjoy meeting people and listening to their concerns and suggestions and I hope that the voters of Fremont County will allow me the honor of serving as the County Clerk for Fremont County another term.”


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