Journey to a confident smile – Meet Cody!

Olsen Orthodontics wants you to see how amazing an orthodontic experience can be. And there’s absolutely nothing more amazing than seeing that smile at the end.

I believe that a smile can change a life and has the power to transform someone’s confidence, and being able to provide that to my patients is a wonderful privilege. Dr. Marc Olsen

There’s no better way to show you than through the eyes of someone who’s been there. This is Cody’s smile story.

Cody’s smile journey began because he didn’t have enough room in his mouth for all of his teeth. He was told very early on that he would need orthodontist treatment to create room for his adult teeth. Initially, he had to wait to lose all of his baby teeth before he could get his braces.

“I wanted them way before I got them but even though I saw Dr. Olsen a few years prior, I still had to wait,” stated Cody.

It was important to Cody’s mom, Jessica to have a close location for ortho appointments and Olsen Orthodontics was just that. Located locally in Lander, this made things easier for a busy mom. 

Cody had also been told that he may need to have adult teeth pulled in order to make room in his mouth for all of his teeth. Dr. Olsen reassured Cody that he would not be pulling teeth. This was huge in deciding to go with Dr. Olsen’s plan.

Once the braces were put on, the changes started happening quickly.

“My canine teeth were in front and above my other teeth. In the first 14 days of treatment, the braces pulled them down changing my smile drastically.”

To a child who was so insecure about his teeth, this was the proof needed that Dr. Olsen’s plan would work and a beautiful smile was on the horizon. This, plus the extremely helpful staff and Dr. Olsen explaining everything in detail at each appointment, was just what Cody and his mom needed to calm any fears about the process.

“Everyone at Olsen Orthodontics was super nice and welcoming. They have a token system that is fun and you can win cool stuff if you are taking care of your teeth between visits,” said Cody. “I got better at taking care of my teeth. I didn’t want any marking from my braces so I tried to keep my teeth really clean.”

Another challenge was learning how to safely play all of his sports with braces. It was a real learning curve but Cody did great!

When I asked Cody about the most impactful moment of his care he quickly answered, “When the braces came off and I saw how nice my teeth looked!” This is always an amazing day in the office. The smiles are so big!

Cody now gives the best advice to anyone who is thinking about orthodontic treatment.

“Get braces,” Cody says. “It goes quickly and is worth it to have a confident smile.” Treatment transformed Cody’s smile and gave him the confidence he needed. For a young person, that confidence really is life-changing.

“My teeth were a mess and although I got used to my braces after they were removed, I was very confident smiling. I hated smiling before braces.”

Ready to start your own smile journey? Visit the website or call (307) 332-9136 for a free consultation today! Your journey to a healthy, more beautiful smile begins now.

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