Join the team at Gamble’s in Lander!

Hi there! It’s Shane at Gamble’s in Lander. You read the headline right, no sale, just need to hire somebody. We’re expanding and I need to hire another hand to jump in with my team.

It’s a special job here at Gamble’s and we need a special person. Someone who can communicate well and cares about people. Someone who wants to solve problems and cares about leaving a great impression on customers.

Here’s what I don’t need, a jerk who wants to sit on their butt and play Candy Crush all day…

Gamble’s team NOT playing Candy Crush.

…my staff just told me no one plays Candy Crush anymore. That should tell you something about me 🙂

I don’t need somebody who likes to do repetitive tasks. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not here, everybody does it all, help on the sales floor, unpacking, some delivery, some assembly. Which means you can’t hate people.

I don’t need someone who hates people. Mainly because I happen to like people, and would like them to have a nice experience when they visit Gamble’s. That seems pretty easy, right?

Someone who is willing to listen to the customer and help find solutions that are actually helpful.

I don’t need someone that shows people tables when the customer says they need a place to sit….if you don’t like to listen, stay home and play Candy Crush 😉

I don’t need someone who has to be told to do obvious tasks….like say, greet a customer. My dad taught me to look people in the eye and say hello. I expect the same from our team. If I have to tell you to clean up something on the showroom floor….also probably not your gig.

The most important attribute I need is someone who wants to serve. At Gamble’s, we’re a kinda scraggly bunch, but we’re all here to serve the customer and the community. If your mindset says the customer is there to serve YOU by buying so you can collect a paycheck……Candy Crush, my friend.

Pay will depend on experience and enthusiasm for the job. We offer vacation, a clean work environment, and you get to work with me (ha!). We also offer a Simple IRA after 6 months.

To apply stop by the store at 420 Main in Lander! 

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