Transportation/Maintenance Assistant

    Website Child Development Services of Fremont County, Inc.

    Non-Exempt, At-Will position

    High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED) required and a valid Wyoming Driver’s License.

    Successful experience working with preschool children with developmental delays and vehicle/facility maintenance. Must be at least 23 years old. Have and keep a current driver’s as well as obtain CDL if needed.

    Identified supervisor(s) and under the general supervision of the Executive Director.

    Maintains confidentiality with all aspects of our program including clients, client files and personnel issues.

    General Responsibilities:
    ➢ Work with other staff to implement transportation schedules for children and families.
    ➢ Check with front desk staff, voicemail and bus note bulletin board throughout the day to ensure children are being picked up and dropped off at appropriate locations.
    ➢ Provide daily maintenance of busses and vehicles including:
    ● Washing vehicles
    ● Arrange maintenance of vehicles needing service and repair
    ● Fueling vehicle
    ➢ Maintain safety equipment on vehicles according to the Department of Family Services
    ➢ Complete required transportation records according to guidelines.
    ➢ Ensure child safety seats are properly installed, used and maintained for all vehicles.
    ➢ Help other bus personnel during scheduled bus routes and oversee work being completed by bussing personnel to ensure all job responsibilities are completed.
    ➢ Assist with training new staff with transportation policies including defensive driving, passenger assistance, child safety seat installation, and use.
    ➢ Maintain records of individuals utilizing CDS transportation including boarding and deboarding according to DFS requirements.
    ➢ Complete fire Drills and maintain documentation
    ➢ Comply with all CDS transportation policies.
    ➢ Pass Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) physical Updated 3/2020
    ➢ Keep PASS and Safe Driving requirements current.
    ➢ Assist with passengers getting on and off the vehicles.
    ➢ Substitute throughout the center when requested.
    ➢ Maintain and increase professional growth through attendance at various workshops and in-services relating to the profession, as well as keeping abreast of new literature in the field.
    ➢ Maintain storage areas, sheds, and containers for ease and efficiency of use.
    ➢ Promote Safety and Security within and around all areas of CDS property.
    ➢ Complete vehicle inspections on a regular basis for all vehicles assigned to the center
    ➢ Be responsible and maintain the general cleanliness and upkeep of the physical facility and equipment and notify the Executive Director of the need for additional attention to repairs or maintenance to include:
    ● Cleaning snow from all CDS vehicles and starting in cold weather
    ● Shovel entryways, sidewalks and area’s for staff traffic
    ● Maintain cleaning equipment, carpet shampooer, and vacuums
    ● Complete small maintenance items of building
    ▪ Change light bulbs
    ▪ Paint as necessary
    ▪ Clean carpets
    ▪ Wax floors
    ▪ Wash windows
    ▪ Ordering and maintaining supplies
    ▪ HVAC filter replacement and monitoring
    ▪ Minor plumbing/electrical/tool/ and vehicle repair
    ▪ Maintain the sprinkler system and lawnmower.
    ➢ Adhere to established policies and procedures of the facility.
    ➢ Be an advocate for children and families Any other duties assigned to you by your supervisor or the Executive Director.

    Negotiable by Child Development Services of Board of Directors

    As per Child Development Services policies and procedure.