January is Mental Wellness Month!

Mental Wellness Month is an important time of year to check in with yourself and the ones you love. One in five adults experience mental health issues every year. Especially after the holidays are over and we are well into the new year, people struggle with depression and anxiety. Credit card debt sets in, seasonal depression occurs, and there is a letdown after the holidays when family is no longer visiting or maybe they weren’t even present because of COVID-19.

The good news is that with awareness and support, we can get through anything together.

Staying connected and active is super important to a person’s mental health and well being. It’s even more important for someone who already struggles with depression or anxiety. Some people may still be in quarantine or simply don’t want to go out in the cold weather. But there are plenty of things you can still do to keep yourself happy, active, and connected!

  1. Use technology! In today’s world, technology is readily available and almost everyone has a cell phone and/or computer. Phoning a friend, a video call, or even sending a simple text are all ways to reach out and let someone know you care. Know someone who struggles with depression? Give them some extra attention today. (12 Apps that help you stay virtually connected.)
  2. Stay active. Exercise will help boost your immune system and Endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body. A brisk walk can do wonders for your mood. Take time to do things you enjoy- especially in nature. Being outside, breathing fresh air, reduces stress. Don’t want to go outside? Put on some music and dance around the living room.
  3. Enjoy your family when you have downtime at home. This is a perfect opportunity to bond with the ones you love. Play a board game, watch a movie, bring back family dinners at the table, or even just talk.
  4. Join a virtual club and start a conversation with other members.
  5. Know someone that is still stuck at home? Write a good old fashion letter or send a card. Receiving this in the mail could really make someone’s day!
  6. Meditate! This keeps you connected to yourself and calms the spirit. For meditation tips, click here.
  7. Watch a movie with a friend while on a video call. You aren’t in the same room together but still interacting. Not stuck at home? Visit your local movie theatre or invite a friend to coffee.
  8. And as always, laughter is the best medicine!

Looking for something to do outside of the home or wondering what the kids have going on at school? For up-to-date events happening in Fremont County, click here.

Know a young person who is struggling? Share Sources of Strength with them. It is a great resource for everyone to keep in mind.

Remember, you are not alone even if you’re by yourself. A friend or family member is just a phone call away. Don’t isolate yourself. Surround yourself with ❤️.


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