It’s time to play Joker Takedown!

Friday, April 1st is Take Down Tobacco NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION. On April Fools’ Day, youth advocates across the country will come together to call Big Tobacco’s bluff and expose them for who they really are: jokers who gamble with people’s lives.

Take Down Tobacco has created a fun online game to help teach the dangers of Big Tobacco and smoking. It’s important to teach our kids some of the “dirty tricks” they play to suck consumers into a lifetime of addiction. Simply click the left-hand deck of cards and watch the cards on the right. Each card will reveal facts about smoking and Big Tobacco until you get a Joker, then click the Joker to take him down!

Your goal: Take down the Joker before the computer does!


Click here to play Joker Takedown and get more information on how you can join Fremont County Prevention in the fight against Big Tobacco.

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