It’s the Wednesday night Farmers Market tonight! 5-7pm at City Park in Riverton

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    It’s Summer and local vegetable producers are starting to rock! 

    This week, you’ll find tender leaf lettuces, spinach, baby beets, kohlrabi, carrots, cucumbers, kale and Swiss chard! Also, look for Carmine Jewel tart cherries, locally grown, and Bing and Rainier cherries from Utah. 

    Of course there’s a great supply of farm eggs, burger and steaks for all your grilling meals, fresh breads and rolls, delectable baked treats, and all the condiments from mustard to bbq sauce, pickles, and farm cheeses! 

    Several local dairies are now providing raw cows milk and goat milk and associated dairy products. Two local farms are specializing in grass-fed meat, both beef and lamb, and relying on their carefully selected genetics, pasture rotation, and other restorative ag practices to avoid using any drugs, insecticides or pesticides to produce the highest quality, tender and tasty meat you have ever had.

    You’ll find all this and more at the Wednesday Market from 5-7 in Riverton City Park!  Every Wednesday!  Come see us each week, for many of your family’s food needs.  

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