It’s the Recliner-Ball Sale at Gamble’s!

    Hey there, Fremont County. Shane here, from Gamble’s in Lander. 

    There are few things in March as important as basketball. The end of the local season, your NCAA office pool, yelling at the TV, fattening dips and greasy food…..aaaaahh, there’s nothing like March!

    Here’s a thought though. What do you do more than anything else during all the glorious action? 

    That’s right, you sit!

    Sitting is in. We all sit. We sit a lot. 

    If you’re not sitting in a comfortable recliner watching basketball… it EVEN BASKETBALL?!?!

    If “your chair” feels like Bobby Knight throwing a chair at you every time you sit down, it’s time to head to Gamble’s and find a slice of butt-cupping heaven from La-Z-Boy, Southern Motion, or Flexsteel.

    It’s The March Recliner-Ball Sale at Gamble’s! 

    It’s pretty simple. You know how when you’re sitting in a recliner watching the game, suddenly your skill sets grow and you know how to play better than the kids that have been training most of their lives to play the game? Yeah! Now it’s time to turn those skills into deals.

    So, come down to Gamble’s in Lander, pick your favorite new recliner, and shoot for your deal – from your recliner! You could win and an additional 5% – 25% off the sale price depending on how good you are (at throwing ping pong balls into red solo cups that is….)!

    I have hundreds of recliners in stock to choose from and great brands too, so don’t wait! The Recliner-Ball Sale at Gamble’s is only happening now through the end of March. 

    Gambles on Main Street in Lander – remember delivery is always FREE within 30 miles of the store….which INCLUDES Riverton!

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