It’s Teacher Appreciation Week – Show them some love on County 10

One of the most drastic adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic has been how to continue education virtually. Most Students, teachers – and parents – have all faced a steep learning curve as new tools have been adopted and new challenges have been encountered.

May 4th – 8th this year is set aside as Teacher Appreciation Week. Normally, students and parents would send treats and thank you cards. Teachers would get a little boost as they approach the end of the year and a solid reminder about why they do what they do. It’s always a great week at schools across the county.


This year, of course, will be different. So County 10 wanted to put together a very public way for students, parents and other teachers to say thank you and show their support. Just click the link below and submit your message. Depending on volume of submissions, we’ll share one post at the end of the week or round up posts over the next couple of days. We’ll take submissions until noon on Friday.

And, on behalf of the staff at County 10, let us be the first to say “Thank You” to our Teachers – both professional instructors and in our current Coronavirus reality, parental educators too!

Thank a Teacher on County