It’s never a gamble to shop at Gambles…but you can roll the dice for some big savings all month long!

    Hey everybody, it’s Shane from Gamble’s in Lander!

    If you’re like me, you enjoy a little thrill now and then, right? Like, for me, I’m always
    wondering…can my minivan break 75 mph without shaking apart?! – Now, that’s a gamble!
    But there are some things you just don’t gamble on…

    “I bet I can make it home with the gas gauge on ‘E’…”

    “I bet this milk is still good…”

    “I bet I can save money on furniture if I go to Casper…”

    I mean, warm milk is supposed to help you sleep, right? I bet that’s true even when it’s been warmed in the sun for 6 hours at the family picnic. That’ll work out well, I’m sure.
    You have to know when to roll the dice, my friend. And, also when to fold…..can I mix
    metaphors like that? I mean, I BET you know what I’m getting at….“bet!” lol 😉

    Another thing you don’t want to gamble on is heading out of town to save money on new
    furniture. Here at Gamble’s in Lander we work hard to make sure you get the best price possible anywhere. All the time.

    That’s why, when we run a deal, it’s about having fun and saving you money. So, here’s a fun Gamble for you….

    It’s Roll the Dice time at Gamble’s!

    During the month of February 2023 ONLY, buy any living room, dining room, or bedroom
    furniture and we’ll give you four dice to roll. Whatever you roll, that’s your discount! 4% all the way to 24% off the sale price. This milk is ice cold, guys 🙂

    We have hundreds of recliners, sofas, love seats, living room and bedroom, and dining room sets – you can’t help but find something you love when you walk through the store right now!

    The Roll the Dice Sale does NOT include mattresses…BUT….

    Sterns and Foster’s 2023 mattress models are coming out, so I’m marking all our in-stock 2022 models down 30% and FLOOR MODELS ARE 50% OFF!!

    Don’t bet that the next sale will be just as good, stop into Gamble’s and live a little, roll the dice and save!

    Gambles on Main Street in Lander – remember delivery is always FREE within 30 miles of the store….which INCLUDES Riverton!

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