Is Walmart leaving Riverton? You asked, we found out…

    Over the last month, County 10 has received several questions regarding the Riverton Walmart.

    Many are explaining they’ve heard rumors that the store has plans to shut down, some even as detailed as saying that because of shoplifting, the store was going to close.

    We reached out to local economic leaders, and the Walmart corporate office to inquire.


    Community ambassadors assured County 10 that Walmart has no plans to leave Riverton. In fact, they reported that the store is doing better financially in 2018 than it had projected. They attributed this, in large part, to Safeway’s closure.

    We also spoke with a Walmart media relations spokesman, Casey, from their Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters. He told us,

    Walmart does not have any plans to close the Riverton store. We’re not sure where that rumor came from, but have no plans to close and are happy with the store’s performance.





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